10 Best Resistance Band Exercises to Build Muscle (Target Every Muscle!!)

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Today I’ll be walking you through 10 of the absolute best resistance band exercises to help you build muscle fast! Resistance band exercises are an awesome way to provide your muscles with a new stimulus to promote continued growth; both with their unique ability to increase tension towards the peak of a movement, and also due to the muscle stabilization requirements.

On most pressing exercises, the peak of our strength curve (the point when a weight is bio-mechanically it’s most difficult to lift) is at the very bottom of the exercise. A squat or bench press for example are often most difficult from the point when you’ve brought the bar as far down as you can go, and are then required to lift the weight back up. The top ½, or the “lockout” phase, of this exercise is much easier compared to the bottom portion. By incorporating use of a resistance band, we’re able to add difficulty to that last ½ of the exercise. This is caused by the amount of increased resistance upon further stretching a band. The further you stretch the band, the more effort is required to keep stretching it further. The bottom of the lift will still be as difficult as it’s always been, but now, we’re going to increase the amount of difficulty at the top of the lift and actually make that portion more difficult than we’ve become accustomed to. This change will provide our muscles with the shock they need to stimulate more growth.

Also, the amount of stabilization required by our muscles when using a resistance band is going to be an added factor as well. Every resistance exercise requires a certain degree of muscle stabilization in order to perform the movement. Our muscles are going to require much more stabilization effort when presented with a load such as a resistance band; due to its increasing difficulty from an increase in the stretch of the band. That is, compared to the consistent amount of load presented from simply lifting a dumbbell or barbell. This is great because a higher volume, and more unique firing of muscle fibre is going to be required in order to stabilize the resistance band; a process called micro oscillation (especially if we provide an isolation hold at the peak contraction of our muscles). This as well, will be a terrific method for providing the muscles with new stimuli to promote consistent muscular growth.

The resistance band exercises are as follows:

1. Band Face Pulls (Traps + Rear Delts)
2. Band Push-Ups (Chest)
3. Band Pull Throughs (Glutes/ Hamstrings)
4. Band Oblique Corkscrew (Obliques)
5. Band Tricep Extensions (Triceps)
6. Band Front Squat (Quads, Glutes…Lowerbody)
7. Band Bent Over Rows (Upper Back + Lower Back…with iso hold)
8. Band Shoulder Press
9. Band Bicep Hammer Curls (Biceps)
10. Band Hamstring Curls (Hamstrings)

And there you have it; 10 of the best resistance band exercises to help you constantly provide new ways to shock your muscles into growth! Whether you only have access to resistance bands at home, or are simply looking for new exercises to add to your arsenal…there you are, 10 of my absolute favourite resistance band exercises!

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10 Best Resistance Band Exercises to Build Muscle (Target Every Muscle!!)

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Clinton Hurst says:

I like Lifeline bands with handles and Undersun full loop bands

Aniruddha Pingle says:

This was too good. Wow… Thank you so much. I tried some of those exercises.

Xuân Tùng Nguyễn says:

Corona anyone

Wael Hneini says:

what size are u using

Cam Meyer says:

Reps and rounds?

Ryan Alfonso says:

CoronaVirus Lockodown – Workout broughte here…you Rock! lav these routines

Jacob Sobelman says:

Who’s here after their gym closed cause of Coronavirus?

Sushma Rai says:

You couldve added the band deadlift as well ig

JasonKatt says:

1:46 watch the thing breaks and he goes flying, lol

REFINEDfit says:

As a personal challenge, I'm taking 122 days and only using bands (and a little heavy bag work for cardio) in my workouts to see what kind of transformation I can make happen. I need to lose fat while building a little and mainly toning up. I'll be using these moves. Glad I found the video.

riccosx says:

1. Band Face Pulls (Traps + Rear Delts) 0:37
2. Band Push-Ups (Chest) 1:00
3. Band Pull Throughs (Glutes/ Hamstrings) 1:36
4. Band Oblique Corkscrew (Obliques) 2:09
5. Band Tricep Extensions (Triceps) 2:45
6. Band Front Squat (Quads, Glutes…Lowerbody) 3:30
7. Band Bent Over Rows (Upper Back + Lower Back…with iso hold) 4:08
8. Band Shoulder Press 4:44
9. Band Bicep Hammer Curls (Biceps) 5:23
10. Band Hamstring Curls (Hamstrings) 6:08

Shaun J says:

Can you get results from using bands??

-Bill says:

I hope to see a vid where this applies in a home environment. In the gym I would rather use the gym

J says:

great hotel workout

dsp4 says:

1:50 would be an inconvenient moment for the band to break.

asilkyer1 says:

………. unsubscribe ppl

Oscar Rivas says:

More like berberbody am i right?

BRDY YT says:

Dude, this is a great workout when you have a two tonne weight set up at your home which won't budge. Sucks to be everyone else….

Blue Plane says:

I did look twice. And a good video. Thumbs up.

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