10 Best Rotator Cuff Pain Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

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Rotator cuff stretches are great for the rotator cuff muscles (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis), as well as the muscles around the shoulder that connect to the scapula and can cause shoulder pain and rotator cuff pain. More rotator cuff exercises & stretches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WR1W79AWOag&list=PLPS8D21t0eO_Ny9ors3aP4K1P_91a2-yw&index=2

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10 Best Rotator Cuff Pain Stretches:

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AskDoctorJo says:

Purchase a printable worksheet featuring the rotator cuff stretches in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/purchase-rotator-cuff-stretches-worksheet
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Neil McGee says:

My fav part: "Disclaimer alert! Disclaimer alert!"

Ian Sewell says:

Hi Dr. Jo! My shoulder really started bothering me right around when Coronavirus started going, and I couldn't make it to my PT appointment. It was getting worse, but I didn't want to risk my life setting foot in a hospital for a shoulder owie. I finally googled and found you, and beginning to feel better slowly already! Your videos strike the right balance of being informative, fun, short, and the tone is perfect and approachable. Thanks so much for helping me stay safer at home — and with less pain!

Kyme Morris says:

Are these stretches where you just do each one only once, holding it for 30 seconds?

mark gatti says:

A bunch of very helpful options-I’m going to give them a try. Thank you!!

Chris ThemBones says:

Thanks. 7 and 8 were big help.

Tilak Raj says:

Thank you…

Katie O'Grady says:

Do you think that taping is helfpful?

Katie O'Grady says:

These are very helpful, thank you. I have a torn middle tendon rotator cuff, bursitis, bicep tendon issue and clavicle wear and tear. Ouch. Hoping to avoid surgery.

Mary Morcos says:

Thank you! Your videos are really helpful for my Ther Ex class.

scotty19581 says:

Dr Jo my pain is at the top back side of the delt. Also I have ratcheting feeling and sound going on with certain exercises I do in the gym. Do you recommend the same exercises to help reverse my symptoms described?

Olivia English says:

Dr Jo. How many times a week do you recommend these exercises? Many thanks 😊

ignacio pinoff says:

im so glad i found your channel, my right shoulder is been in pain for the last few days after a heavy shoulder session at the gym, it specially hurts when i do overhead military presses I guess I need to do extra reps of the internal rotation with the towel. many thanks. Ignacio

Research Athletic Trainers says:

Can you provide some good exercises and stretches for a total knee replacement?

Dilshad Begum says:

Great thanks

Bodhi says:

Thanks Dr Jo.. not training (as a result of injury) is difficult and I’m now forced to rest and do my rehab. All these tips have been of great help.. Thank you 🙏🏼 🇦🇺🏄🏽‍♂️💦

bartley fuzz says:

Great video. It really helped me.

Eswon Joseph says:

Hi Doc…been doing the first 3 exercises as those being the easiest and my condition is still painful. But it works wonder after 2 days of practicing. Will keep doing the rest of the advance movement 7 and above 1 step at a time. Thank you for your sharing. Will update my latest condition soon.

Sobos says:

I hurt my shoulder doing arm wrestling any particular exercises for that? And is there any estimated recovery time? Its not major i just feel discomfort when working out

Lynn Carpenter says:

YIKES. I felt that ! 🤯 I had rotor cuff surgery last March.

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