10 CrossFit® Benchmark Workouts Only Using a Dumbbell (Home Workouts)

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10 CrossFit® Benchmark Workouts Only Using a Dumbbell, Because I know the Corona Virus got us all locked indoors, this is the best way for us to get some solid intensity in without stressing about having an entire gym in our backyard. these 10 CrossFit® Benchmark Workouts Only require a dumbbell.

Workout 1A/1B

30 Clean and Jerks

30 Snatches

Workout 2;
Dumbbell DT
5 Rounds
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks

Workout 3
DB Squat Cleans
Ring/Box Dips

Workout 4;
5 Rounds
400m’s of Cardio
15 OH Squats

Workout 5;
Jacob Heppner’s DB Burpee Deadlift Workout
DB Burpee Deadlifts
50′ HSW after each set
(Or bear crawl)

Workout 6
Pump Sesh
DB Strict Press
Bent over Rows

Workout 7
DB Diane
DB Deadlifts
Strict HSPU

Workout 8
For Time
100 DB Thrusters
EMOM including 0:00
5 Burpees
(Scale to 3 if needed)

Workout 9
Patrick Vellner’s Devils Press Workout
100 Devils Press

Workout 10
Jason Khalipa’s Push/Pull
4 Rounds
1 Minute Max;
Bent over Row
Hang Snatch
Rest 1:00 B/T Sets

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Najihah Bakri says:

Just need to choose one of them or do it all in one day?

Vijit Nayak says:

Do only one a day or we can do 2 with proper rest in between?

christos001 says:

on the last WOD is 16 min if my math is correct as you mentioned that is 20' thumps up and thanks!

Shrikant Shilam says:

Single dumbell workout

Lillith Sternin says:

Thank you so much.

Сергей Клименков says:

Good complex,"Kalsu"-is not it "Hotel Hell"?

Juan Karlo Valencia says:

freddie mercury?

Shreyas Bhaskaran says:

Hi, a small question. Should all of these be done in a day or one workout per day?

Naz R says:

Mr Beast is the best

MrPoserGalore says:

I can finally do a single 50 pound dumbbell snatch 😭 so much fun!

robloxbear52 says:

great video, ruined by having the music at like +100 db

Christian Uichico says:

Great workouts! What song was playing during the first handstand walk?

Matt Picton says:

Do you have to do all 10 workouts in one session, or should you do 1 workout per session?

metlin says:

This is terrific. I was thinking of doing 3-4 a day vs. all 10. What are your thoughts/recommendations?

Esteban Ortiz Fitness says:

The weight to do this is like 20kg??????

Naz R says:

Great video just something of a request ….I watch your video with my little boy whose 8 and we both train but when you swear I have to switch off etc if you can consider this I'd be grateful as its something we both enjoy watching as the vids are great- thankyiu hope no offence caused

Alex Gemi says:

30 what weight?

Ben Zwane says:

Thank you very much for inspiring me

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