10 Exercises for Foot Drop after Stroke, Nerve, or Muscle Damage (Weak Ankle & Foot).

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate 10 Exercises that can be performed in treatment of foot drop after Stroke, Nerve, or Muscle Damage (weakness of ankle and foot).

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Brendon Nelson says:

Hi Bob and Brad. I've got a question? What would be a few good exercises for a paralyzed man who legs were amputated from the knee down? The paralysis is only recent from a virus in the spinal cord

Michael Campbell says:

My all time favorite physical therapists. I always use you guys as my therapy fact checkers.

Crunch Buttsteak says:

This just happened after abruptly running after over a month of no running

Brianna Cramond says:

would you be able to share references for the studies that you mensioned in this video?

Chris Eslick says:

my right foot has been asleep ever since i had the stroke 7 years ago but i haven’t stopped exercising i’ve had a lot of physical therapy don’t think that it’s going to wake up

laconja1 says:

Can you Drive if you have FOOT DROP ?

Chirag Jalan says:

They are funny too

Herbert Jacocks says:

My problem is I can barely bend the effected leg. I can do squats but on my own cannot or barely bend the effected leg. I have good balance my issue and effecting my walking because I can barely bend the effected leg

AS W says:

I got foot drop from being rapid tapered from benzodiazepines.
I'm also having trouble with my arms and legs weakness and carpal tunnel, also nerve damage in arms legs hands and feet.
Can someone please tell me what has happened to me???
Can you say TRAUMA?
I was also nearing paralysis with my tongue on and aff for months. That has stopped. That symptom almost made me end it.
Please can you give me insight as to what has happened to me?

David El Chapito says:

Help i was shot in n out bullet it came out by the back of my knee n dr said it tear some nerves my foot is drop n i been having lots of pain tingly shooting pain n cant move it alot notting cant touch me cuz its killing me wha should i do gabapentin kind of helping 🙁 help please

Edgar Sandoval says:

I just woke up with a drop foot like two day ago and I’m freaking out here because I’m trying really hard to Lyft up my foot. Just woke up like this is it normal I’m 30yr right now

Rajesh Rana says:

Hi..doc hv found no response in my fathers nerves during nerve conduction test..now i just wanted to know if he can stand again on his legs after these type of exercises nd medicines 😥😥

Alisha Lipscomb says:

Hello I had a stroke when I was 10 years old I am now 34 and still walk with a limp do you think these exercises can assist me and making my foot stronger after so many years?

Julia S. McGalliard says:

I broke my ankle two years ago last month. Had plates and screws removed seven months after it was put in. I have had numbness in toes and much of my foot. Now experiencing toes cramps ( four toes curl under). Although I went through PT before and after hardware removal, I still have issues esp when walking on uneven ground. Very gun-shy going down steps etc. Any advice?

hollwood fields says:

Thank you for this video.I have a foot drop because I had two spine surgeries.So thankful I am working.but the tightness of this right side knee down only.omg I hope this help me.Anyone here that had spine surgery and have a drop foot from it please.Any extra advice.please comment

Faraz Shams says:

Hi, I am 44 male. diagnosed with neurological conditions since 4 years and having bad gait and imbalance walking for already a years. Having no jump in my foots also. Now i know the reason of this. God bless you both for sharing great informative video. Would definitely going to try these.

Shahbaj Husain says:

Thanks Sir you both

Shahbaj Husain says:

After long time my journey have finished now I will try this on my patient. I am new in Physiotherapy.

Akshat Jaiswal says:

hey i'm suffering from foot drop can you just tell me how long it'll take to get recovered ?

Kierre Sloane says:

Have just recently been diagnosed with drop foot due to compressed nerves at my l4/l5 region.
Me left foot is definitely hard to flex, but my right leg is also weak.

I have found that my calves and hamstrings are extremely tight now. I am struggling so much to be able to walk and do normal day to day activities.

So I hope some of these help.

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