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Crossfit Workout Without Equipment | Full Body | 10 Min | No weights | 40 Seconds Work | 20 Seconds Rest | Bodyweight Exercises Only

10 Minute Crossfit Workout: Minimal time, Maximum Results. NO EXCUSE!

I understand if you can’t make it to the gym on certain days. But that’s still no excuse to skip your workout altogether. When it comes to fitness, you don’t need a gym with fancy equipment. In fact, you can perform a great workout using your bodyweight only!
This full body crossfit workout can be done whenever and wherever you want. You don’t need any equipment or weights! The workout targets the muscles of your whole body and gives you a quick sweat. The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing. The workout consists of 10 different bodyweight exercises. During 40 seconds, try to get as many repetitions as possible. Rest for 20 seconds before you follow with the next exercises. If you need to pause longer, feel free to do so.

10 Minute Crossfit Workout Without Equipment:

• 40 Seconds Plank To Push Up
• 20 Seconds Rest
• 40 Seconds Jumping Lunges
• 20 Seconds Rest
• 40 Seconds Mountain Climbers
• 20 Seconds Rest
• 40 Seconds Side Twists
• 20 Seconds Rest
• 40 Seconds High Knees
• 20 Seconds Rest
• 40 Seconds Shoulder Taps
• 20 Seconds Rest
• 40 Seconds Jumping Jacks
• 20 Seconds Rest
• 40 Seconds Bicycle Crunches
• 20 Seconds Rest
• 40 Seconds Burpees
• 20 Seconds Rest
• 40 Seconds Flutter Kicks

This full body crossfit workout is perfect for an outdoor sweat session, but can also be performed comfortably at home. I recommend you doing it two times a week or whenever time is too tight for a full gym session.

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kookiipies says:

My PE teacher recommended this as a workout since we’re in quarantine. And let me just say.. wow! I’m sweating so much right now and I have feel my heartbeat in the hair haha! This is such a good workout!

Olaf Gawlas says:

Pozdrawiam pana MM

nepali sailo says:

Thanks for share of care of dare of rare of

Aaron Wood says:

My gym teacher gave this to us to do during quarantine

Beatz says:

Thank's for this great workout!

Alejandro Andrade says:

Ok so I've done this workout 3 separate times so far. Would you mind telling me exactly what muscles each workout is exercising? Because I'm sore in so many different places 😩🔥

amir kh says:

Great work Bro if u can do a video about calesthenics how to start and wht routine u follow …

amir kh says:

Plank to push ups
Jumping knees
mountain climbers
Side twists
High knees
Shoulder taps
Jumping jacks X
Bicycle crunchs
Lutter kicks

Rien Eternel says:

Thank you very much. I really needed this.

riddhesh patil says:

Really great workout , I am commenting while I just finished the workout

Edoardo Arreghini says:

Is this any helpful for gaining muscle mass ? Do you have any recommendations for free body exercise in order to gain muscles ?

sprint canoe says:


Lien says:

Great workout vid bro

David Xatsialeξandrou says:

Nice video thanks for the program

Skwid The Crayfsh says:

Does this work for ppl who are trying to get into shape or is it maintenance of fitness ( teen trying to make healthy lifestyle changes, fit but not really, just not fat, want to have a better body and self confidence)

Tushar Salunkhe says:

Any idea how much calories we burn in 1 set

Lisa Maria van Harmelen says:

Thank you so much for this! I’m gonna use this tonight at the gym where I work 😊

khana khajana chatpata says:

After dinner workout do or not

Sumit Sutar says:

Impressive workout 👌
Thank you man👍

MAFfin Gamerplayz says:

How long do I do this for? As an effective result?

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