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To develop a truly impressive Sixpack, you will want to train from abs a whole range of perspectives. You see, the core is generally made up of four key components. Namely – the rectus abdominus (6pack / lower abs), obliques, the serratus anterior, and the transverse abdominus (inner abs).

The obliques are an absolute must when it comes to developing an aesthetic physique. If your goal is to attain the V tapered look, there’s no way around training them. The obliques are a multifunctional muscle, they act to pull the chest downwards and compress the abdominal cavity, as well as performing side bending and opposing side rotation. Overall, you can’t skimp on your obliques for aesthetic and performance, and the best way to ensure that you stay on track is to keep your workouts fresh & challenging

The serratus is a muscle that originates on your upper rib cage and attaches to the media border of the shoulder blade (basically the shark gill looking things). The serratus muscles play a pivotal role in framing out your abs, obliques and lower pec. Not too mention, it absolutely serves as an asset to the v taper, in turn giving you a better looking set of abs!

This video is full length which means you can just follow along with whatever I’m doing. If you need extra rest, just pause the video. If you don’t need a rest – watch it the whole way through.

You can hit this home workout 2-3x per week – and if you wanted to keep active on your other days – be sure to check out my other workouts!

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lisa D.A.M says:

se que si dejara del todo las masas ya tendria Grandes resultados…pero sigo con las masas y hasta así se notan resultados!


Thanks fraser i do this video 4 times in week after training at home in this quarentine thank you ❤️

Asier González says:

Loved it!! Thanks!!

Manthan Mavani says:

Hey bro, do we have to do it just once or if we aren't beginners can we increase the sets? Pls reply fraser wilson!!!!

Roshan Surana says:

You should have a voice over saying the name of the exercise so that people can follow along

Eduardo Ceaus says:

How many Times do i Need to do this to complete a full abs workout?

Jason TheBest says:

This is going to be day one so everyone please reply to this comment so I don’t forget to not do it thx
Day 1

Bootleg Pewdiepie says:

Section 4 in the thumbnail looks like thanos’s chin

Sierra Francis says:

Stretch and rest do be my favorite part 😌✌🏼

Suçuk Toast says:

I am a bit overweight. Should i do this workout at least twice per week(and others) or should i keep doing 3 hiit workouts in a week?

Zaki _ says:

I imagine most people here can see their abs in good lighting but they are very frail in normal conditions. Keep grinding guys

Tai Wars says:

Im doing your 10 minute bodyweight and this one and I've lost so much weight and I've got arm definition and Upper abs definition, Thank u so much Fraser you have really helped me.

James Oliver Farrell says:

No Bullshit work outs and channel. The guy is serious and deliveries it well.
One of the best abs workout.

Bulat Khaertdinov says:

Anyone else just laying on a bed and watching him working out?

Gow tham says:

10:02 SEC's of machine doing abs workout

The Boi Mk says:

I've been doing this for so long that I'm starting to recognize the people in the comments

Yarely Paz says:

Does anyone know the name of his shoes. They look very nice and comfortable.

Korrupted says:

How many times do I do this a day

Kaie Clacher-Chopra says:

Big bruv has abs

Underglow is epic says:

This is a comment chain I’m 13 yo at the moment, I’m able to see my abs when I flex I have a little bit of fat to knock out, I will update this everyday spam the comments if I stop editing this spam with hate.

Day 1. Holy sh!t that was difficult the lower abs hit different pretty good workout I felt the burn pretty well feel free to reply with tips maybe I felt tensing in my neck in some exercises but other than that so good

Day 2. Amazing workout still difficult I ran today but my tracker app malfunctioned so I ran about 1-1.5 miles ish neck still feels tense but good workout

Day 3. Today I ran a mile it was a little slow due to the crappy weather I also had pizza so whoops the workout was tough and tense on the neck but got the job done thank you guys for the likes and support

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