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The best thing you could do if you want to develop a truly impressive Sixpack would be to mix it up often and keep yourself accountable. In order to develop your abs in its entirety, you’ll definitely want to be training them. And while they are one of the most sought after body parts, they are also one of the most skipped, or at best, halfheartedly trained body parts.

It can be very easy to get to the end of a juicy chest workout completely spent, only to remember that last Monday you promised yourself that you were going to train abs at least 2 x this week. So you begrudgingly do…

BUT you hit a set each of leg raises and bodyweight crunches at about the intensity of a garden gnome. Not a great outcome if you ask me. Therefore, it’s very important to keep yourself accountable. And that comes down to making time. Which is one of the best thing about abs, you can do them anywhere, anytime. You’ve just gotta MAKE the time

One area that is super critical to developing aesthetics is the obliques. For those of you unaware, these are the gill look’n muscles that run along side the abdomen. The importance of the obliques cannot be overstated when it comes to aesthetic appeal and physical performance.

The problem is that they can be very easy to neglect, and that’s exactly what a lot of people choose to do. But there’s no doubting that your mid section WILL improve drastically by making the conscious decision to improve your obliques

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Ksaw says:

Good training in quarantine 🔥

Eden Hazard says:

Very nice structured Abs workout 👍.
Either it's very nice that you feel the pain during the exercises but can do them still

Explicit King says:

Fuck yeah fraiser 👍🏼

Addster V says:

wadufan yea i can start to see my abs ive been doing this on a daily basis and by abs i mean my 6 pack yay

Melisa Bıngol says:

I take breath to my ass 😰

Melisa Bıngol says:

I cant do this its to hard 😔

seul la says:

Day 1 : ı'm dying i had a lot of break for finished this

Colton Seaton says:

From doing this workout

Colton Seaton says:

I actually have abs no joke

Robbie Coutts says:

Should I train abs everyday for a month will I see results or should I rest

Gerek Yok says:

How many sets should we do per day?

Farhangesh Gul says:

Getting fit is a journey and this was such a change in my lifestyle. Constant motivational messages kept me on track with my goal which I acheived. They say, it take 2 weeks for your workout to help lose weight, 4 to start showing and 12 for a transformation.
Linking so you can take help too @t

David Rodríguez says:

He should put the exercises and the time in the description at least

Adrián Iglesias says:

best abs workout, no doubts. But you'll need to be under 15% fat to see results

İlknur Halide says:

bugüne kadar en sevdiğim abs antremanı 🔥

Dlkbb says:

Türk gardaşlarım burda mısınız?

Gio Arellano says:

After doing this for almost 2 weeks 5-6 days a week I'm already seeing improvement

grim reaper says:

I saw Fraser Groveing at 7:20

Rafiya Shabbir says:

Bruh do we have to keep changing the exercise for the abs or we can continue with the same ??

L3aguegaming says:

I will be doing this for 30 Days Wish me luck and I’ll say my results!
Day 1: ✅
Day 2: ✅
Day 3: ✅
Day 4: Rest ✅
Day 5: ✅ (Getting a bit easier)
Day 6: ✅
Day 7: ❌ (Forgot to do it)
Day 8: ✅
Day 9: ✅ (Getting easer and easier)
Day 10: ✅
Day 11: Rest ✅

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