10 Minute No Equipment Upper Body Workout – Complete Upper Body Workout Without Weights

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ameramersj sj says:

Where is the warm up and cool down links?

Salapu Soujanya says:

I am confused is this a gain workout or loss

Minecraft BP says:

Hello Kelly 😊 You are my favourite ❤️ I'm 41 years old, I daily work out your different programs, but which one could you recommend me for flabby arms? Also, I'd like to make a video for skoliosis when you have time, cause I m sure you ll show the best exercises 😉😉 kisses from Greece 💚💙💜💛

Treesa Mathew says:

This is great!

PrEetI JAiswAl says:

Will it help to gain weight for my arms…pls rply mam??

Artimust K says:

Oh god i just finished …but have done it in a different way..have done each workout 3×15 …during confinement from Algeria …thank you so much

CheetahProjects says:

With all this quarantine stuff our gym teacher at school is making us do workouts at home and I’m over here struggling to do these exercises and I’m in my pajamas 😂

Priscila Goldsmith says:

I love your workouts! It's helping me so much with my weight loss. I am down 20lb in 2 months, eating healthy and doing all your workouts. Thank you so much for having so many different ways to stay fit.

Bhumika Dhara says:

Is this for gaining weight?

Alexa Lexandra says:

This was such a burning workout 🔥 I pushed myself to the max, constantly contracting my muscles and lifting relatively heavy weights considering how worked my arms already were. My arms are so sore and I’m so sweaty and proud of myself for showing up and completing this workout like a badass 💪😎 #FBBurn Day 2 Extra Challenge complete! 03.03.2020

Invincible Gaming says:

her: make sure to not hold your breath me,about to suffocate: well that would help a lot!

Why so Serious? says:

Will this help me to reduce chest weight?

Shayra Kkmjpkj says:

Btw thank youuu

Shayra Kkmjpkj says:

What type of exercise is this?

Katie Stait says:

💕 💕 💕


Nice 👍🏻

Rayan Ali says:

Does anyone else skip pushups?

Susan Goodrich Lerner says:

After recovering from a broken shoulder, it was back into renewing upper body strength! I as ready to go to one of my usual Fitness Blender workouts when I saw this. Perfect! Surprisingly hard , however you can tailor it to your own needs. Great for travel as well! Thanks FB!!

Alexa Lexandra says:

Ahhh, this burnt my already burnt arms to a crisp by the last exercise. For 10 minutes, now that’s what I call an effective workout. It burnt and it made I surprisingly also got a good sweat going 🔥😅 This is exactly what I needed after a full length upper body workout 💪 #FBBurn Day 2 Extra Challenge complete! 10.09.19

Husni Habibullah says:

How much calories burn with this work out ?

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