12 Grip Strength Exercises At Home (With Progressions)

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The Grip Strengthener I use: https://amzn.to/2NhGIWF

These grip strength exercises are my favorites for building grip strength at home. I demonstrate 12 different grip strength exercises in this video. You don’t need to use all of them, though. 12 exercises would be too much. Just implement a couple of them and you’ll see a difference.

I start off by demonstrating two tools or “gadgets” you can use strengthen your forearms. Grip strength equipment is not necessary, but it can definitely be helpful. The first gadget I show is a DIY wrist roller, which I explain how to build yourself (it’s super easy), and then I show a cheap grip strengthener I bought on Amazon that I really like.

After that I proceed to show 7 different push exercises that can be used to strengthen your grip, plus 3 other pulling exercises to strength forearms, wrists, hands and fingers.

Put these into practice (just a few of them – not all of them!) and I guarantee you’ll notice a difference!


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Karl Hans says:

i got my grip strength from playing dice 😉

Soriba Sylla says:

he looks like Johnny Sins and Link from GMM fused lol

Dee Kay says:

As a Ninja I approve these techniques, but the Simple explanation and Motto to these exercises is: "LESS is MORE", the less bodyparts and strength you use, the more you gain.
(Example for the thicc brains: pull up using only (3 sections of) your fingers, then pull up using only 2 sections of your fingers, then pull up using only the tips of your fingers, and so on, until you're Bruce Lee.)

MsSa alatawi says:

If Saitama and that ( multiple professions guy ) mixed together! he will the guy in the video.

Thompson Ma says:

nut with 1 hand and workout with the other, then switch

ZFlyingVLover says:

If you play guitar do not do the grippy device if you do all the other stuff. Its not needed and will cause hand cramps when playing guitar

Video Information says:

Gonna try this!

Ayoub Krachli says:

So helpful, nice video tnx a lot 😉

Unleashed da Beast says:

Strong looking arms

Moodymongul says:

4:42 – imo, rather than jump straight to the one arm fingertip pushup (from using two arms). First, gradually incline the feet while still doing the two arm fingertip pushups. This helps you prep for the one arm version. Peace

Simon Mullan says:

Straight up, clear & concise explanations, on the whole, throughout all your videos. Nicely staged from beginner to more advanced concepts. Thanks & just to let you know that you are doing a great job.

Shrey Shrivastava says:

I think
I have seen you many times before but as a doctor

Rufio DIES says:

Can you or one of the other viewers link me to the pull up bar you have in your garage with the iBeam set up? The doorway bars always break my molding. Edit* I found this at "promountings.com" and I think this is the company based on the decal https://www.promountings.com/collections/pull-up-bars

Mark Johnson says:

Or … do some more manual labour.

Will Esco says:

Thanks , I appreciate this video and all your knowledge, I will put this exercises to work👍👍👍

Lepi says:

from exercise 6 start decreasing the amount of fingers until you're Bruce Lee

TheVoiTube says:

Before trying one arm finger pushup, why not work finger archers or finger one arm assisted push up both are unilateral easier versions.

Gorboduc says:

Swinging a sledge hammer and wringing a towel are also good ones.

MG says:

What's a good time for the one-arm hangs? I can do 15 seconds or so left-handed (my weak arm/hand) and I'm guessing 20-30 seconds right-handed (I've never actually tested it because I'm pretty asymmetrical in terms of strength and I always stop after the max amount of time I'm able to do left-handed, but I feel that I can go on for much longer right-handed. I think on a good day at full strength I could reach 30 seconds. And btw, all of these times are NOT at full strength, but always after 4 sets of pull-ups). Problem is, I have absolutely no clue if that's good, decent, great or outright garbage.
At the moment, I usually do a (two arm) hang exercise with 10 kg extra weight for about a minute before my arms give up, but again, I always do the hang after I've done my pull-up sets (4 sets usually), so I'm assuming if I did the hang first at full strength, I'd probably reach 90 seconds or so (I've honestly no idea).
To anyone reading, forgive my ignorance. I have literally only started "working out" (only arm exercises like pull-ups, push-ups and some core exercises because I want to do a front lever) about 2 months ago so I'm pretty new to all this, and that's why I have no clue if my times are any good. I'd like to be able to reach 3 minutes minimum for the hang and about a minute or so for each hand individually. Is that a realistic goal, too ambitious or way too low? I'd love an honest answer. Thanks!

Philip Kelleher says:

You can also reverse the position of the hand exerciser – which will exercise the longer and stronger fingers in a different way.

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