12 Minute Theraband Shoulder & Back Strength Workout

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With many requests recently about how to help shoulder strength I created this video to help you build up these muscles with a theraband. This is a great piece of equipment to use if you really want to target the deep stabilising muscles of the shoulder and upper back.

When you strengthen these muscles you will find better ability to do pushups, full body exercises and even weights because the deeper muscles can support the larger muscles.

Band work is a very effective way to target your deeper muscles in a way that no other equipment can seem to target and give the same results.

I hope this workout helps you – the bonus is you will tone up your arms and shoulders nicely if you do this workout a few times per week with a band that is challenging resistance.

Let me know how you go!

Power to Your Core,
Vanessa Bartlett xo
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VanessaB Health TV says:

HI EVERYONE! So great to hear you are all doing well with using the exercises in this video. I'm glad to hear shoulder pain is decreasing, plus so many of your stronger in your upper body too. Here's a follow up video I've done for you to focus a little more on 'rotator cuff' specific exercises, using the theraband once again. These will help to continue maintaining strength and stability in your shoulder joint, plus give you some variety from video 1.

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txC-6TCklMQ Let me know how you go with this one too! xx Vanessa

Helen Cullina says:

An excellent tutorial from a trainer who is clearly well qualified and experienced. Very thorough explanations and her demonstrations are precise…. ideal to ensure viewers don't injure themselves and get the full benefit of the workout.

roberta page says:

First timer here, loved these exercises. Do you have any using the band for mid- lower back paim/ stiffness. Many thanks, you are so clear, I will do these daily

Cheryl Lee says:

My dog pulls me when we walk, and my back has been feeling it..after two sessions of these exercises, no more sore back. Amazing! Thank you.

Neg Libre says:

Thank you so much.

DCRivs says:

Excellent video, Vanessa.
Do you recommend doing these every day?
Thank you!

Neslihan says:

I am suffering from myofascial pain in my neck and upper back due to bad posture and very long hours of office work. These helped but my neck is still quite stiff. Can you suggest anything to help with the neck?Thank you

,Jennifer Nelson says:

I just started using your videos to help with upper back and shoulder issues. After a week I can feel a difference. Thank you. Only suggestion I have is if you can state how many reps before starting movement.

John Capada says:

Thank you so much! I love how you explain each exercise thoroughly 🙂

Elimporta2 says:

Greta Thunberg?

Liege Li says:

Let's strenght my shoulder!!
Thank you

Leanne Flood says:

Thanks for your videos Vanessa. We’re here in Canada under lockdown like so much of the world. Your videos have encouraged us to keep up our theraband exercises now that our fitness class is on hold.

Fatima Alauddin says:

Thank u that really helped me x

Eli Cha says:

Hi ! these are great workouts especially these days, gyms are closed and we are confined at home becaue of the virus .. and it happened that I got shoulder injurry at the same time … I bought theraband gold with max resistence and I will target mainly shoulder to strengthen it up, I appreciate if you have any advice for me !

William Kerr says:

thanks a lot Vanessa – opted out of your 21 day day programme as wanted to concentrate on theraband exercises – 66 and three quarters years old male in UK and retired – just erected a 7.4 m. scaffold and want to keep good core and arm strength as realise muscle wastage is BIG in the elderly ! Really enjoyed your shoulder workout and will stay with this and work through your other You Tube videos using Therabands – trying to convert wife to do it too so have sent her your link. Bands are such a great thing – minimal space; minimal expense, and can be done anywhere; anytime – fab and thank you for helping with body health… Bill Kerr

Fireball Fitness170 says:

7:15… diagonal extension
8:45… Side neck stretch
10:44… Arm pulls (Used fixed bar about waist height)

Anita Soares says:

Good work out. Timed nicely

Gugu Nkomo says:

I get so discouraged when I feel workout pain after doing 3 reps of each exercise if I do this consistently do you think I'll get any better?

labémolmineur says:

Thank you for this! I always feel so much tension in my neck whenever I do anything for the shoulder or the back. Or even the abdominals:(

Joy M says:

Great for my shoulder injury and strengthening upper back, thanks!

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