13 Supraspinatus Rotator Cuff Tear Stretches & Exercises (Beginner to Advanced)

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate 13 Supraspinatus Rotator Cuff Tear Stretches & Exercises – Beginner to Advanced.

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Stephanie Arellanes says:

I have supraspinatus & subscapularis tendinosis resulting from a broken shoulder which is now healed. How often do you recommend icing the shoulder. How Often and for how long? Is heat useful or not? Thanks! Enjoy your YouTube sessions!!

Ross Saab says:

Worth watching for the theme tune alone.
I'll be humming it while I do the excersises.
Thanks Bob and Brad 😊

Kritpal Singh says:

I DNT feel balanced while doing bench press and shoulder exersices
I DNT feel proper mobility in my right shoulder
My right shoulder is lower than left shoulder
And I feel my right lat is not giving energy to push like left on
Note I had a fracture in my right elbow when I was 12 years old now I m 24
Waiting for your help

Jason Murray says:

Thanks guys! I have a 1.1cm tear. But the pandemic prevented me from working with my PT and doctor directly. This gives me some rehab to do with all the time I have.

JennyTulls says:

so in terms of rehab? how would i go about that if my entire state is under lockdown and everything is closed because of a global pandemic?🥺🤘

Rohit Rangra says:

Sir I am suffering from supraspinatus tendon and the dr has advised me for operation and stop going to gym
Should I Leave gym. Please suggest I'm so sad and depressed.

Blessy Gipi says:

Is this useful in complete rot cuff tear in 2 wks.that s not repaird surgically

pankaj thakur says:

Sirs, can we cure superspinatus muscle or we have to manage it thtough exercise for whole life.

TiddyMcSwag says:

You guys are a hoot! Thanks for the videos <3

DavidSchmith7 says:

thank you, feels so much better

Chris Oahslin says:

Go Packers, Go Vikes. Screw the Bears

Gary Lewin says:

Is a Supraspinatus Rotator Cuff Tear the same as a partial super spiny tear ? ( which I was diagnosed with )

Jbuchek17 says:

Hello Bob n Brad! Thank you so much for your videos! I have a question for you… is clicking/popping in the shoulder area bad? Should I avoid those movements that cause clicking? While doing some of the exercises I experience clicking, not necessarily painful but still worrisome.

Desert Lizard says:

I love you both

Matt James says:

Guy in gray shirt kept trying to act like blue shirt guy didn't know what he was talking about lol

Bob Lawango says:

I can do all these with no pain. But once I add a little weight. The ones where you use your rear delt start to hurt. Not sure if that is a tear or not. Or if it just needs to be stretched out some how.

garoabrahamian says:

amazing …thank you Doctors

cihangir şahin says:

It is extremely beneficial but can you enlighten us about the repeats sets and minutes also

Joey C says:

Bert & Ernie.

Michelle Flanagin says:

You guys are awesome!!!!! Thank you for your help and humor- the best medicine.

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