16 Upper Body Bodyweight Exercises

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16 Upper Body Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do With No Equipment!

1. Tiger Push Ups (0:35)
2. Row Push Up (0:50)
3. Cobra Wings (1:01)
4. Plank Extensions (1:14)
5. Y,T,W,L (1:32)
6. Downward Dog Scapular Push Ups (1:50)
7. Single Arm Scapular Push Ups (2:00)
8. Push Up Shoulder Tap (2:14)
9. Corn Cob Push Up (2:31)
10. Mrs T’s (2:48)
11. Superman Waves (3:06)
12. Lying Scapular Rows (3:20)
13. Climber Push Ups (3:34)
14. Dive Bomber Push Ups (3:51)
15. Tricep Push Up (4:10)
16. Scapular Wall Rows (4:26)

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Adrian Perez says:

There is no school and my couches are having us do 3 sets of 15 of these experiences

Pratibha Kini says:

ty!! Killer workout like always! 🙂

John Ellis says:

Love your session but really dont like your music

Mariela Escobar says:

Genia total 💪💪💪

John Ellis says:

Love the exercises..Hate the music

oltreilconfine says:

1,20 minutes,i did try to do this exercise,but i can t do,i fall down quikly 😭😭😭😭😭so sad 😭😭😭😭😭 cipikkia!!!

Krisna Cater says:

Thank you for sharing with us, trully inspiring

JK says:

You are Ms Perfect.

papri chowdhury says:

awesome video, Best wishes….. & lots of love for coconut…

Deborah Sivyer says:

Going to try this one!

golden wayne says:

Buenísima rutinas

Herédi Rebeka says:

I've just found your channel, and i'm obsessed with it! Great exercises 🙂

Kunta Kinte says:

I dig it. Thanks for the ideas.

MaO Opel says:

Perfect Inspiration for my next courses. Thanks! You're great.

PlushieBlushie says:

I’m planning on doing these to build strength for track season, but I don’t know how to make a workout…would you say 7 of these each with 30 second rest in between???

Kelly Gibson says:

Your videos are fantastic. Question: will I get the same definition as you doing these workouts without weights….I'm so accustomed to seeing videos with weights? I workout at home so your, so your videos are a perfect fit for me although I do have some weights.

Payal Jain says:

How d hell do you come up with such amazing variations 😍 just love your channel. Greetings from India

Javier Leon says:

Fantástico genial!!

sunil sharma says:

Great vedio i need help begenners full body workout

lifeann30 says:

Looks like everything is easy for you to do each workout… i am your new subscriber i would love to try your workout videos. My main concern is bra bulging. I have a hypothyroid and apple size body it seems like after eating my 3 meals a day( i am into clean and healthy eating and do weights) my bra starts to tighten as the food stays and hanging around my upper body and it's annoying me and feel uneasy that i have to adjust the hooks of my bra. Could you suggest me please an effective workout?

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