17 Bodyweight Back Exercises (WITH NO PULLUP BAR!)

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1. Scapular Wall Holds (0:40)
2. Scapular Wall Reps (0:50)
3. Cobra (1:04)
4. Superman (1:16)
5. Scapular Pushups (1:32)
6. Downward Dog Scapular Presses (1:45)
7. Lying Flyes (1:57)
8. Reverse Snow Angels ( 2:09)
9. Lying Back Press (2:19)
10. Posterior Plank ( 2:38)
11. Scapular Pushup to Dolphin (2:52)
12. Extension Plank (3:06)
13. Single Arm Plank Rotation With Knee (3:22)
14. Plank With Reach Out and Back (3:36)
15. Alternating ArmPlank Row (3:51)
16. Handstand Shoulder Taps (4:03)
17. Lat Pushdown (4:15)

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Jeff says:

This is such an old video you might not be monitoring it anymore. But, do you think if a person wants to be strong they need to do exercises that load the back such as barbell squats or deadlifts?

Golden Calf says:

You've come to the rescue again. They've closed down all the outdoor gyms in my area because of the virus. I was scratching my head trying think of pull up substitutes. This is just what I needed.

Simsey Simona says:

Good stuff… thanks. Extra kudos for dog! 😁

dupe you says:

Sit on my face.

Alexandre de Oliveira says:

Fantastic exercise ideas! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Sonicka Hochsteigerova says:

I love your work, you are amazing 🙂

Alfredo Artigas says:

Hello I really love the content of your channel, I have a question, wich one of the exercises showed here is the most demanding in strength for the lats?

daniele dragone says:

How strong are you?! Impressed…

Matt Hobson says:

really great workout

Eric K. Green says:

Appreciate this video, given what's happening in the country and across the world and all the social distancing in effect.

Sai Govind says:

The pandemic is making you guys popular

Ben Molendijk says:

you are always awesome!

Wonderfulvia says:

Omg I love your videos so much!! Thank you! Could you make a video on how to design our own home gym/garage gym (low cost possibly) as I am buying some fitness equipment because gyms are all closed! I need your ideas x LOVE YOUR CHANNEL

Miguel Ramirez says:

Godamn, she's strong af

Lemmy Lemz says:

Excellente video. As always

Michael Manley says:

Curious: Are the biceps 💪 involved during the BACK WIDOW exercise? Thanks!

Mulu Project says:

Very impressive movement

Barbell Blondie says:

Super helpful and very creative. Thank you for sharing.

JockoBarbone says:

You are a ninja and I respect and fear you miss Redefine


Thanks for helping me out, with the ongoing events, I suspect my gym will close shortly.

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