18 Bodyweight Leg Exercises | Bodyweight Leg workout moves with no weights

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18 Bodyweight Leg Exercises

1. Split Squat Pulses (0:45)
2. Split Squat Hop (1:00)
3. Single Leg Deadlift Hop (1:12)
4. 3 Count Eccentric Half Squat Half Deadlift (1:25)
5. Squat Jump Scissor (1:41)
6. Squat To Double Lunge (1:55)
7. Single Leg Deadlift to Knee Drive (2:17)
8. Forward to Backward Lunge (2:32)
9. Lunge to Explosive Knee Drive (2:45)
10. 3 Way Balance Complex (3:00)
11. Squat Rocks (3:20)
12. Side Lunge to Curtsy (3:33)
13. Side Lunge to Leg Lift (3:49)
14. Side Lunge to Tuck Jump (4:06)
15. Single Leg Glute Bridge (4:23)
16. Three Way Calf Raises (4:31)
17. In and Out Squat Jump (4:40)
18. Kneeling to Squat (4:53)

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Fluffy says:

Well, this is very professional☀️🤩thank you Cory 🙏💖

Jane Dowling says:

Amazing!!! you dont even break into a sweat. great technique and form

vanessa lopez says:

Vi un video tuyo por casualidad y me gustaron tus entrenamientos. Ahora que no podemos salir de casa por la alarma sanitaria me vienen muy bien. Gracias.
Saludos desde España.

John Gardner says:

This is very creative, athletic, and challenging. It is a superior video, so I saved to view again. I wonder how many "bros" have written off this kind of fitness; who could never match your strength and balance on the "balance complex" at 2:58. Congrats on your pistol squat! I'm still working on that one.

MaxJustice100 says:

Great stuff , fantastic video

Jp Gunna says:


Jamie Duvnjak says:

Excellent leg exercises! Thank you so much for recording these 🙂

Fooflianoo says:

always a pleasure to see a strong lady!

Patricia Vargas says:

¡Hello! ¿How many reps and sets for each exercise? Greetings from Mexico 👋

Celso Pernas says:

Thank you for the great performance !

nchimunya kambela says:

Good for me because I don't have access to equipment

Nate T. says:

Some of these are pretty darn hard. Did some of them in a circuit. I didn't want to admit it in front of my wife… I was hurting. But it was GREAT!

andmyster4 says:

holy hell some of those kicked my butt. good stuff

JPW says:

Nice, so many variations 🙂 That looks like an awesome space to exercise too

Mariloli Barcena-Martinez says:


Mikee says:

Wow. That place looks like an old bomb shelter.

Sammuel Bathmmann says:


Curt Bentley says:

This routine is perfect for runners. Your videos are top notch. Thanks!

S Tan says:

Are there videos for stretching legs n shoulders? Please n thank you.

Khalil Batah says:

Great vid! What's the last song?

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