18-Minute Full Body RESISTANCE BAND Workout At Home (Build Muscle/ Burn Fat!!)

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Get ready to kill this home full body workout with me…all you need is a resistance band! Finish the first round, and if you want to push yourself, try repeating the video for a total of 2 rounds. Be sure to leave a comment down below and let me know how far you got!

Perform each exercise below for the prescribed # of repetitions (perform 2 total rounds):

• 10 Butt Kickers
• 10 High Knees
• 10 Torso Rotations
• 10 Forward Arm Circles
• 10 Backward Arm Circles

• 15 Band Rows
• 12 Band Pull Aparts
• 15 Band Curls
• 8 Band Overhead Extensions
• 12 Band Push-Ups
• 12 Band Shoulder Presses
• 8 Band Side Bends
• 20 Toe Touches
• 20 Band Front Squats
• 15 Band Romanian Deadlifts
• 1 Squat Jumps

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18-Minute Full Body RESISTANCE BAND Workout At Home (Build Muscle/ Burn Fat!!)

Barbarian Body

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BarbarianBody says:

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tr3slech3s says:

These gains you have, are the from bands or you do some gym?

Andre says:

Everything was fine til the polymetrics at the END. Downstairs neighbor got real pissed.

I love coka Not Cola says:

for the past month i’ve seen 1 million clips with resistance bands..huge muscle guys using the weakest bands to show exercise..you are not one of those guys
IMPORTANT TIP: do NOT WASTE MONEY buying the bigger bands..just buy 2 with smaller resistance..you ll be able to do more exercises and also always can increase the resistance by using both at the same time!

Robert Charles says:

this exercises are awesome, i love them so much and its simple to use. if you want to get one for urself get it you will love it. i got my at trainhome .shop they are great

Alena S says:

This is a dope workout, bro. Kudos!

Prime Healing says:

Im in Lockdown in Newark- luckily my grandmas basement was available. She brings me food twice a day and life is super simple. Im doing your program and it's perfect. Your videos are great . keep them coming.

Lisa Nichols says:

Thanks! That was great 💪🏼

Alpha_Dog_ 90 says:

How much times a week should I do this workout taking into account I go cycling through the week as well?

The Fans Voice says:

Is this workout enough? Iv been trying to copy what I usually do in the gym (upper/lower split) just with more volume and with bands, usually 3 sets of 15 on each exercise total of 8 exercises 360 reps total. Is this to much it does take me longer than it would in the gym. Any advise?

Tom Stranney says:

Gonna give this a go on Sunday, been using resistance bands for last few weeks while being stuck at home and loving them. Those pull aparts can be brutal if you do them slow

Red panda says:

Band overhead extensions is impossible!!!!

Red panda says:

Hey people how many times should we do this in a week?

Jonathan Duncan says:

I got some bands from HomeProGym and can do almost all the same workouts I used to do at gym, even using a pole through the bands you can do bench press etc. All you need is a few bands at different weight ranges and you can do almost everything at home.

jim morrissey says:

Thanks this was very helpful.

Michelexxo says:

Can anyone help me find the resistance bands he’s using? I tried the website and they don’t sell them? Does anyone have any recommendations on which ones to get? Thanks!!

Red panda says:

Hey what do you mean by 2 rounds?

Hot Tuna NYC NYC says:

53 year old male here. Lost 60lbs. on Keto diet but was suffering from shoulder problems. Realized my muscles had atrophied over the years and started this workout six months ago 1-2 times a week. Now I'm up to 3 times a week and doing 2-3 sets of each exercise. Shoulder pain is gone (when I moved my right arm I could hear a clicking of bone on bone but no longer!), and I'm starting to get cut.

Your video has changed my life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Alex Wellock says:

I've ordered the resistance tube set, does anyone know if this workout will still work with them?

Dustin Seelye says:

Thanks for posting this workout. I've been doing it during the lockdown here in Dallas.

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