20 Minute Beginner Bodyweight Workout for Fat Loss and Strength

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This 20 minute workout uses no only bodyweight moves in a low impact fashion to work the entire body at a beginner’s level. No jumping or difficult moves, just basic bodyweight moves that can be done anywhere by anyone. This workout moves at a slower pace is great for beginners, those recovering from injuries, or those with limitations that need low impact options. No equipment required. Burn fat and calories and tone and strengthen your body in one easy workout.

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Nina Ćujić says:

You are WONDERFUL!! I appreciate this workout greatly.

synth wolves says:

for the bridge i can lift my hips over my knees and im 11

Carolyn Alexander says:

This is a great way of getting some exercise during lockdown. Amy's manner is very welcoming and she doesn't make you feel inadequate if you're not an olympic athlete. Thank you, Amy!

Izzyboshi says:

I have ridiculously terrible knees from ab injury and most beginners videos have made me quit when I couldn't even do the basics. Working up from a much lower point is so discouraging. Thank you so much for videos that even I can manage. It makes me feel like I have a place to start!

Becca says:

Just did this after over 5 years of laying around doing nothing not even going outside a d this was kind of difficult for me but not to the point I felt like dying it was just perfect thank you for posting this

Miriam Barnett says:

Thank you for this workout Amy! With the gym being closed, I'm looking for workouts I can send my beginner or older personal training clients, and this is perfect. Excellent job with modifications and cueing. Thanks again!

mercophel says:

I know this is an old video but I just wanted to say that it is incredibly helpful that you made these beginner videos. I hope you make more. I'm not a beginner but I have severe endometriosis, had surgery 8 months ago and have chronic pain. Sometimes all i can do is a slower, low-impact workout and this is just great! Thank you!

Rhonda Dalton says:

I searched YouTube for days trying to find something I could do. I attempted a few of them but only once. Beginners should be for beginners. You got it right with this one. I love it and doing it everyday. Thank you for understanding what a beginner truly means. Looking forward to some more beginner workouts from you.

Morro Schreiber says:

BEAUTIFUL workout for all of us fat, out of shape beginners who have never been able to keep up with the other "beginner" workouts! This was awesome!

Hilary Streever says:

Thank you! I had a baby 6 months ago and have had a hard time getting back into exercise and getting back into a body that feels like me again. A friend recommended you to me, and I'm so glad she did!

Samantha Lee says:

Perfect for beginners! Loved the moves, the pace, and the explanations. 10/10 would recommend.

Yes, I was sweating while doing this haha

Shane McBride says:

Thank you so much Amy for all the beginner workouts! I have a bad back and this is exactly what I need! I haven't found anything on youtube as good as these! – Lindsay

Stephanie Smith says:

Perfect! Thank you

Jenny Thomas says:

Thank you so much! I have been skipping on focussing on my body and it shows- crappy moods and unproductive thoughts. Its so true that our bodies were meant to move. And your workout was doable and yet had me dripped in sweat. Please keep up the good work. Theres a lot of us out here who need this. God bless!

anigenkova says:

Thanks Amy. It feels better to modify up when you need it than to leg behind a video

Samantha says:

I truly enjoyed this workout. I watched before doing, but I had viewed many beginners workouts and I found this one to be more on point with view of the workout and not assuming that we are on the same level. Thank you! I will be subscribing.

Susan Beachy says:

This is great! I'm more of an advanced beginner but I like Amy's style.

Jenny Thomas says:

Thank you so much for these!

Watfa Saleh says:

I would love a Part 2 of this workout it's the best beginners workout on YouTube 👍

abelinhazoomzoom says:

Great work out for real beginners, thank you for creating this video!

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