20 Minute Cardio Workout For Beginners – Cardio Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

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Lose your belly fat by burning calories and strengthening your abs with this workout. By combining cardio and core strengthening exercises you work on your cardiovascular condition and it helps you to lose belly fat.

This cardio workout for beginners takes about 20 minutes and includes 3 short water breaks. It consists of 2 sets that are repeated twice, resulting in a 4 x 5 minute workout.

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Kelly Pantaleoni says:

Fun cardio standing abs workout that gets the heart rate pumping!

mtrmt mtrmt says:

If this is low impact…I don't wanna know what HIIT for you is😅

Jody Webb says:

Love these workouts really help my training I followed one for 2 months and my shape changed

Justine Joy Marzo says:

Thanks a lot! I finished the workout yehey 😊

jose antonio salinas vega says:

Yeaah i made it all, sweat a lot and get tired but i enjoyed a lot, thanks for sharing

Special K says:

Ms Marischa..You Are Amazing I am Doing This Fitness Type for 30 Days Starting Today You Make It Easy Like Sunday Morning. Thank You Dear

Deborah Martirosian says:

You are my favorite,love your videos !

Marija Stevanovic says:

I love this workout. I have been doing it for around three weeks, not every single day, and I have noticed some changes for the better. The movements are simple, not too difficult and you are a great and interesting trainer. Thank you very much! 🙂

Not Sasha says:

i like the side crunch, havent seen that one before 🙂

just a dude watching videos says:

I made it to about 10 in one video, then switched and made it to 4 in this one. I'm so out of shape. This is day one though. I got this.

neelima singh says:

Is it good to have water between the exercise ????

Las rising says:

10mins of this is for beginners

Maria Peralta says:

I do this late at night, will I still see good results?

Esther Berinyuy Tewiy says:

I thought these exercises were easy but they aren't. I couldn't complete the 20mins. Good cardio workout

Amita Kakria says:

How much calories dis workout burns??

M. Hilary Watts says:

How many calories are you burning with this workout?

vgfrcfcxr says:

Hi, this is so easy and attainable.How many calories we can burn with this wrkout…..if we do for a month how much weight can we loose

Martha Rodriguez says:

💀first 10 min.

trinity gang says:

Good workout

dragon dream says:

Thanks for sharing this video, I really can't do the mostly videos for begginner is YT (i'm 40 kilos over my ideal weight) but i could do your routine!! thank you

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