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TheHeatfan33 says:

Good stuff my g! Best workout I’ve had since the gyms closed

Josie Velasquez says:

One day I'll keep up🥵🥵

Michael Babcock says:

I love this work out format. No talk, no BS., just sweat.

James Smith says:

is it me or are the timings off in this video? for example it will pop up with 10 seconds rest and bullyjuice keeps going then stops for like 5 seconds. and i know hes not doing it purposely because he sticks with the timing in each video.

Sirjesone1 says:

I started this 4 weeks ago every day with some fasting 16/8 and down almost 20 lbs. Thank you BullyJuice. Ive grown to like the music

Joelociraptor Gaming says:

Awesome home workout , thanks for this!

ashleyarielle89 says:

I loveeeeeeeeeee hateeeeeeeeeeeeeee lovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee this workout! LOL
I am sweating like crazy and feeling the burn! Thank you for these awesome workouts

Shogun Graphix says:

These workouts have changed my whole routine. They’re amazing. I recommend them to anyone that will listen. Thank you. 🤙🏼

R B says:

How much calories do you guys think this workout burns?

Trent Wilkins says:

I’m sweating I. Places I didn’t even know I could sweat

Zdravo Cao says:

UPDATE: Last time i did this exercise, i finished it in 30 minutes, my chest and rib cage were so inflamed by heavy breathing that i couldnt couldnt inhale straight for 3 days and went to the extent to check.myself for coronavirus… i didnt have it tho, 4 days later o was exercising again and as i got more tired – epiphany – it was bullyjuices fkin crazy fat burning workout. Thx for that expirience – keep it up !

simon law says:

Hi bully , or mr juice I don't know which you prefer , I'm doing alot of work outs at the moment but this one I struggled with , but I will try again maybe not today

Mark Jackson says:

I'm doing the 14 day challenge and every time I see this one I'm like 😭😭😭

monstars02 says:

2 week shredd day 13 back at it…Going to put together a video when I'm done to show the results 💪🏾

SSJ VEGITO10 says:

This exercise

SSJ VEGITO10 says:

Can you do this everyday

monstars02 says:

2 week shredd day 12..Let's do this. 💪🏾

Pimento Video says:

Definitely the Bullyjuice video where I have sweated the most

warriorsteps says:

Props! Great workout man. I did´t manage to the end today but I felt motivted tocome back tomorow for some more. The goal is to keep at it until I master this work out.

Kram Awisan says:

My day 3 at losing weight in 2 weeks

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