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4 exercises | Repeat each exercise 5 times | 30 seconds work | 30 seconds rest

10 High Knees with 2 Press Ups
4 Lunge Jumps with 2 Burpees
6 Mountain Climbers with 4 Jacks
4 Dips with 4 Crab Toe Touches

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Ray Mun says:

I actually completed this quicker than Joe. 💪😊

Joice Mou says:

I loved it even tho i didn´t manage to do e erything bc im not very strong, i had trouble with the last one the dips are too hard for me i did it on a chair bc my arm are short

The Rutherford’s says:


Blue Vlogs says:

This is a very nice routine! I did this 4 times a week for two weeks and the results are great! There isn’t a big change since to burn fat more efficiently is to have a good diet and eat well and i didn’t do neither that well, but regardless i see results and not only my looks but also my stamina. So yeah this workout really makes you stronger and its done much quicker than u think. ( i use to not be able to do this at all, after a little exercising i started this HIIT and at the beginning i was very shit but the last day was more of a warm up than a workout! ).

Hannah Jane says:

Roughly how many calories have people burned for this workout? 🙂

Darcy Ycrad says:

Another fantastic workout to start my day

bearyfunny says:

I mean like… I knew I was unfit.. but wow

Messofanego says:

I did it in one go after fasting for 16 hours, sweating all over! Can't wait to have iftar in 15min 😂

Hayden Brown says:

The 30 second rest goes way quicker than the 30 second workout

Everything's persian says:

Holy shit. That shit just smelt me down….

James Santos says:

a true barn burner! 🙂

Oliver Thomas says:

thanks Joe – another solid session…. appreciate all the content! cheers

Darren Lally says:

I decided in lockdown that it’s a great time for me to get in shape. For the past month I’ve been doing this workout and I’ve seen big improvements. Before I was always skinny fat and now from doing this 6 days a week, every week, along with an ab workout and weight training, my chest is bigger my shoulders and arms and bigger and I can almost see my six pack. Joe u are a big inspiration to me and motivate me to do more fitness, to the point where it’s hard to go one day without training because it’s getting addictive. Thank you for this workout and I hope people will also see results as well.

Angelica Reyes says:

I hate to love this workout. burns soooo good! thank you Joe!!

The Insider Network says:

Anyone just twitching after the workout

Starianne_ 08 lolol says:

when you have to do your homework in 40 minutes, this causes panic attacks

Blago says:

My PE teacher send us that for homework.

Themaskedtalker says:

It doesn't say "beginner" that's why I just had a near death experience…

BS 28784 says:

Great workout if you wanna make shite of your shoulder joint

Limitless Goddess says:

Thank you for this 🙏🏽

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