20 Minute Upper Body Resistance Band Workout – 8 Best Band Exercises For Upper Body

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These are what we consider the 8 best resistance band exercises for the upper body (without attaching the band to something).

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Interval training is a great way to utilize time and stay on track. It also minimizes down time spent standing around. Resistance bands are also a great way to get a workout in since you can increase or decrease resistance on the fly. Plus with only a few bands you can perform hundreds of exercises.


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• 8 Total Exercises
• 3 sets of each exercise
• 30 sec on // 15 sec off // 30 sec extended break between exercises
• Resistance Bands (Dumbbells will work too)

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Ashley Jones says:

So I was totally into that cute baby, work out was good but he was the star of the show!!!!! Lol

Simon says:

Discovered you guys in lockdown and really clicked with your workouts. Thanks a lot from here in the UK!

SannDee Webb says:

Thank you so much! I loved the workout! Perfect for a beginner like me but easily made more difficult as I progress. Loving the cute Cash as well. You guys are great! Looking forward to trying more workouts!

Dan Paterson says:

Like many I picked up the resistance bands because of the lock down. The variety of work outs you have here is fantastic. I tend to get board pretty quick.
I noticed in other videos you have the exercises listed which is helpful getting prepared and not having yup pause the video. Can you add a list to this one?

Evan Jon Rocha says:

Love your videos. My wife and I have been doing them together. Keep them coming! On a shoe related note, what Nikes are those?

Thomas Conway says:

Thanks for another good workout…i'll have to talk me into push-ups though. I'm breathing heavy but it's not like when I was lifting weights.

Caitlin Cain says:

Bought some resistance bands for this lock down. It didn't come with any instruction or workouts. Found your video and really enjoyed it!! Thank you for sharing!

mihi68 says:

Got my bands a couple of weeks ago to get some work in during the quarantine. This is the first video that really worked for me. Saved

Helen Beech says:

Brilliant! Love this workout.

Aml Alamin says:

Thank you guys

ShiftTheEveryday says:

Thanks for the workout!

Mr X says:

I’d rather do the workout the baby is doing seems easier.

Bryan Nelson says:

Wow! Awesome workout. The baby was sooo distracting… soooo cute!!!! 😍
Thanks for this awesome workout 😎💪🏻

Brown Burgundy says:

Cutest baby boot♥️

Rob Goodall says:

Love the baby! The workouts are great too.

Krutartha Kansara says:

Good workout plan … But just one .. next time when you edit this video please add a music beats atleast …

BodyFusions Massage says:

Thanks for a great “stay at home” quarantined awesome workout. I rewound after each series and did the bands again so got double whammy workout. Thanks for making it fun. I need the push and extra motivation. Bands look easy but they are tough as heck. Keep up the great work — I join you on alternating days of my indoor trainer cycle days. I’ve always worked out (yes when I was pregnant too) — my girls are 25 and 27 and know that working is just part of life because they grew up with it. I’m glad so keep that baby in the gym whenever it’s safe and you can. It will then be in his blood. Love you guys. Christy indoors in Texas

Family Hernandez says:

Loved this really gave me a sweat

donna harper says:

Love your workout videos. Definitely helping through the quarantine.

Michael Fons says:

woo hooo!!! so cool to see you with your baby too!!

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