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pimpninja1985 says:

I just discovered your channel last week man. This is TOP TIER stuff man.

Sean Mulligan says:

Yo, wow amazing workout! Thank you for the straight to the point, no bs approach…
Much appreciated!

Everything 25 says:

This is for a video on my channel)
How many ever likes this comment gets in a week, I'll do those many pushups
PS: pls sub to my channe

Derrick Barnes says:

Loving these 20 minute workouts. 💪🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 killer workouts having me leave a puddle of sweat in the living room.

Robert Manuel says:

Bro this workout is legit and the music is 🔥. Thanks for the content. I need it during the pandemic

Josh Holden says:

Will this increase your size? Get told I look like I go gym everyday and never really worked out so just wanna shock myself with how big I can get and your workout looks the most intense. Just want to see if you get great results. Thanks in advance

Utchi82 says:

Thanks man, this is really good workout!!! Is it enough once per day?

Lord Robinson says:

Push ups 45 sec (15 sec rest all through)
Pike push ups 45
Snow angels 45
Plank ups 45
Push up right 45
Pushup L 45
arm circles 45
Plank 30
Ankle taps 60
Push up 45
Roof raise 45 sec
Rest break 30sec
Wide push ups 30 sec
Supermanz 45sec
Planks 45 sec
Diamond pushups 45
Delt raises 45
Hip thrust 45
Push ups 45
Jumping jacks to finish off

Velaphi Price Ndlovu says:

You got the Juice Bully. This was amazing. Excellent follow along workout g.

Lyssa Bear says:

I worked out for the first time in about a year and not gonna lie, only made it about halfway through but I’m really determined to get my strength back and I’ll continue to try and get to a point I can get all the way through without taking breaks. Keep it up!

Air Jibbs says:


Mcpe tutorial master . says:


sp10sn says:

Have the robot voice announce the name of the next exercise before he counts down!

biran says:

Love this workout!!! I do it every other day also while doing football training….. Love it bro!!! 💯💯💯

o0JaeAllDay0o says:

Superman 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

D Halter says:

I’m a bigger dude and this work out was great and it pushed me Ik not look to get ripped or anything special just a dude trying to lose weight and this is a great start for me thank you you’ve got a fan out of me

Jacqueline Nzomo says:

I just love how you give us thumbs up with that smile and shades on…like it’s damn easy but boooyyyy 😩😩😩


The best 👌💪 nu bullshit talking, straight to workout.can you Do more no equipment workout for quarantine purpose 😁👌

Alex Lundgren says:

If you don't manage to do the plank ups what can you do instead??

L King says:

20:33 honestly you have no idea how encouraging those thumbs up at the end are!

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