21 Hamstring Exercises

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It is important that we work our posterior chain to reverse the hip flexion we are constantly in, sitting at our desks and driving in the car. These exercises will work your hamstrings and even get your glutes working as well. They can help you prevent hamstring, hip, low back and even knee pain, especially if you are quad-dominant. These are great even if you simply want to build strong, sexy hamstrings! Enjoy some of my favorite Hamstring Exercises 🙂

21 Hamstring Exercises

1. Hamstring Foam Rolling (0:47)
2. Standing Calf and Hamstring Stretch (0:57)
3. Crescent to Hamstring Stretch (1:07)
4. Forward Fold (1:18)
5. Downward Dog (1:28)
6. Lying Hamstring Stretch (1:36)
7. Good Mornings (1:46)
8. Slider Single Leg Deadlift (1:57)
9. Beginner Glute Bridge and Curl (2:06)
10. Advanced Glute (2:16)
11. Quadruped Kick back and curl (2:26)
12. Dumbbell Hamstring Curl (2:38)
13. Straight Leg Bridge (2:50)
14. Single Leg Glute Bridge Off Box (3:00)
15. Posterior Planks Curls (3:11)
16. Barbell Hip Thrusters (3:21)
17. Single Leg Kettlebell Deadlift (3:34)
18. Romanian Kettlebell Deadlift (3:47)
19. Suspension Trainer Posterior Climbers (4:00)
20. Hamstring Curl (4:08)
21. Standing Band Hamstring Curl (4:27)


Grzegorz Witczak says:

Nice video, I liked it. The only thing that does not fit for me is the Dumbbell Hamstrung Curl. I think doing it with a rubber band and in a different angle/position would be more beneficial. It would be hard to do a full range of motion for this muscle and not drop the dumbbell. The rest seems fun to do 🙂

ِAsset Software Craftsmanship Channel says:

Well deserved One Big Like!

Zoe Perez says:

¿How many sets do you recommend doing each exercise?

Gee Row R. says:

I know it's late. But I came to this video, because the hamstring/glute machine in the gym is always occupied with folks texting. Yes, I ask. But it interferes with my workout , because they then pretend to workout, but not really. Thanks!

yas ruiz says:

Seriously the dog is the best part. He looks chill like hamstrings or not I'm still gonna get my nap on….

sefora israel says:


Mikey Merritt says:

What does foam rolling do exactly?

Loner says:

Dear ma'am. I have "Grade 2 ACL tear in left knee". Can hamstring curl worsen the tear?

Malintsoa Rakotondranaivo says:

Hi. I really like your vids. And your exercises have helped me a lot strengthening my body. Do you have an app? I would like to do exercises daily and it will be really convenient if I can directly access to those moves without going on youtube. Thanks a lot.

Christiaan Baron says:

how is laying down on a mat and curling up going to strengthen me legs

Annie-France Bizier says:

Your videos are great!

Simone Scherer says:

Good day! I'm 17 years old and I really badly want curvy hamstrings. How long will it take to get curvy hamstrings if you were to do hamstring workouts 3 times a week? Do the curviness of hamstrings have to do with genetics? Or can anyone have curvy hamstrings? Thank you!!

Master Vergas says:

I have a dog that looks like yours. awesome exercises needed to check these out

guojie wang says:

awesome redefining strength!666~~~

Steve happy bear johannsen says:

redefining awesome. thank you corey

S Tan says:

Hi! i pulled my hamstring which is still not fully healed. Right now i am trying to massage n stretch. My question is…..can i still do strengthening exercises? Or just wait till i am fully recovered? Thank you for your advice😘

Silvia Teixido says:

Glute bridge and curl, hurts so bad!

urgrace mylord says:

she so beautiful nice skin tone great video 😍😍

Si D. says:

dope soundtrack.

Jan Joyce Lehde says:

LOVED your LIVE video this morning, thanks. How Many reps for each one?

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