23 Bodyweight Core Exercises

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23 Bodyweight Core Exercises

The 30 Day Killer Core Challenge…

1. Mountain Climber Bridge (0:43)
2. Double Climbers (0:57)
3. Side Plank Two Way Leg Raise (1:15)
4. Side Plank With Taps (1:29)
5. Plank Skater Hops (1:42)
6. Push Up Twist Sit Back (1:56)
7. Two Way Bird Dog (2:08)
8. Plank Hop Overs (2:20)
9. Single Leg V-Up Leg Lower (2:30)
10. Leg Raise Rainbows (2:44)
11. Twisty Crunchy Frogs (3:00)
12. Table Top to Side Plank Kick (3:12)
13. See Saw (3:25)
14. Banana Rolls (3:35)
15. Body Saw (3:49)
16. Plank With Reach Back and Out (4:02)
17. Dolphin Plank (4:14)
18. Plank Jack Leg Kick (4:27)
19. Posterior Plank Mountain Climbers (4:39)
20. Side Lunge With Knee (4:52)
21. Lunge With Kick (5:04)
22. Lunge With Oblique Knee Tuck (5:18)
23. Squat With Oblique Knee Tuck (5:32)

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Really helpful all video. Please make more

maria elena campos says:

Me encantan tus ejercicios, eres buenísima y gusta mucho tu técnica, me guías mucho para mis clases, gracias 😊
Espero me entiendas no sé inglés,

Gerald Esterman says:

Hey Cori. Love the videos. Don't love the shirt too much…well, it depends. 0:10 What's the story? Is Wonder Woman carrying Supes because he was injured and needs help? That's noble. But, the image makes the story seem like a triumphant Wonder Woman is hoisting a beaten and broken Superman onto her powerful shoulders in a clear display of her innate superiority over an overrated and flaccid male pretender.

I love female heroes and had She-Ra toys as a kid, but I don't like the idea that for women to be strong, men must be less.

Just my thoughts. Fashion / feminist commentary aside, again love the videos and thanks a ton for listing the exercises in the description of the video.

Excelsior fellow comic nerd.

Gymshark Fitness says:

Lumbar spine is suffering from a severe pain. What exercises are the best for reducing pain

Ioannis Latham says:

I know we spoke before Cori. My biggest issue with the majority of exercises is the coordination your limbs need. My brain has difficulty when I perform simultaneous movements. I managed to do some of these, but I am not having a good time like I should. Even the cyclone is complex for my brain. How do you train your mind thus? Thank you for any reply.

Shruti says:

I actually love the last music (yes, the one that sounds like Supermario).
I did my best to find it. Found 16 wrong results. Help! 😀

avinash mehra says:

you are just amazing …i saw around 40-50 of your videos .all are gud👍👍….your Simplicity and your Working style is fabulous….and also your pet is a very cute like you…I wish i cud meet you Some day …

Emma Robinson says:

Are these safe for someone who has weak glutes, tight hams and tight hip flexors? Im worried im going to injure something. Please can you let me know asap. Need to strengthen my lower abs and the rest of my body fast!!

sam elsmore says:

You're fantastic! Thank you for all of your hard work.

Mcyi 9jp6 says:

Love your videos ! Always some new and different that I haven’t seen before 🙂 thanks x

Anna Oakes says:

You make it look so effortless! I’ve got a long way to go with building strength and having a good form as you do !!You are very inspiring 👍😀

Kevina Mitchell says:

Woman, you are insane. And I love it. I'm going to try this tomorrow, and then die with a smile on my face.

mark watson says:

Thanks for imaginative moves and simple presentation- you look great!

Charlie White says:

Double Dragon ( retro music for the uneducated) excellent music and video was awesome.

Bre Coffey says:

Hi cori! I bought your 30 day core with the activation and boot burner. This week I've noticed my lower back really hurting and I know it's steaming from lifting my core with my back when doing exercises. Your exercises are intense! How can i get my core stronger before I continue to do your hard core exercises? They are great! No complaints! I just need like a beginner course to strengthen my core! Or can you offer tips while doing the exercises so I know I'm engaging the right part?

Johann Bernard Wessels says:

I really like all the videos, and it is cool that they each have a theme. What I would love to see on this channel in the future are some videos where you combine exercises from several videos, as part of a planned workout series. They could be fun and I would total follow them. I say this because I am finding it hard to choose and then to remember which exercises I liled and then I have to rewatch more than one video to search for them. But again, I love these exercises =D. Keep making videos please. One lat thing, anything for in water? ^^

Dawn M says:

I've ordered your 30 Day Killer Core. After watching this, I know I don't have very good upper body strength to support me in a lot of these. I so want to be able to do it! Will it affect my progress?

Stephan Kelly says:

Outstanding core exercises. Thanks for sharing and keep up the awesome work!

Nancy McCretton says:

You are amazing, creative and super fit. Your experience and expertise show in each controlled move with focus and concentration executed to perfection. Thanks for all you do.

Theresa Schüttig says:

These are all great exercises but now I can't decide which I should do

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