25-Min Strength Training at Home for Women to Lose Weight | Joanna Soh

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25-Min Strength Training at Home for Women to Lose Weight | Joanna Soh
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Let’s build Strength, power and burn fat at the same time by combining total body strength training movements with a cardio blaster to drive your heart rate up. Minimal rest time to maximise fat burn, while increasing muscle tension. THIS is the ultimate way to burn fat, burn calories and lose weight fast!!

1) Burpee Squat & Thrust
2) Reverse Lunge with Single Arm Press
3) Ice Skater
4) Bridge Chest Fly
5) Push Row & Row
6) Mountain Climber
7) Upright Row to Front Raise
8) Reverse Fly
9) Cross Jacks

Interval: 45 secs Workout – 15 secs Rest (x3 rounds)
Duration: 25 minutes
Calories Burned: Estimated 200 – 300 Cals

Record a video or take a picture of you doing the workout, tag me @JoannaSohOfficial #JSohActive

I’m a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM) and Nutrition Coach, with over 9 years of experience.


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25-Min Strength Training at Home for Women to Lose Weight | Joanna Soh

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H4rmed says:

This particular diet system named “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Google it) is very quick to follow. I exercise every day and then try to stick to a healthy diet, nevertheless I had been caught up in my weights. Right after 3 weeks of making use of this manual, I eliminated 10 lbs of the body weight. I believe enthusiastic without experiencing problems on controlling my hunger for meals. It feels superb! .

Naomi Eteuati says:

How heavy are you Dumbbells?

Kauthar Ktr says:

Is it okay if i don't wear shoes? I did this on my carpet

C C says:

I want help..
I'm trying to lose some fat in my belly, back arm, love handles , inner thighs etc, pretty much everywhere. But I want to lose that fat and then toned up. This exercise will help me for modeling body type I want ?

Romi Michelle says:

i am going to do this and i will update how it does. i know cardio isn’t the only way you can loose weight so i would love to add strength training to help tone my body

Jess Rose says:

I lost 200kg doing this. Fantastic

Model Fitness Fun says:


Sukhi Johal says:

Will I lose belly fat too ?

Paulette Cunningham says:

Great routine, Joanna! Thanks so much!

Swapna J says:

Joanna may I know what weights you used in this workout so that I can also aim to reach that range.please reply.

Ntosh Nomb says:

Just done this workout as part of a challenge for myself during this lockdown. The intention is to do it daily for the next 3 weeks and hopefully adopt it as part of a healthy lifestyle. This will be my journal recording each day.

Day 1: 64.7 kg
Workout: Did this workout in the morning, 500 abs challenge in the evening. It was a torture, showed me how unfit I am. I'd say I've done about 70% of it.

Day 2: 64.5 kg
Workout: this workout + 500 abs challenge. felt worse than yesterday. My body was sore and stiff. But I sweated more than day 1

Day 3: 64.3 kg.
Workout: start with 500 jump rope then do this workout in the morning.

Day 4: 65.4 kg, how😱. Ok, I know it's because I sort of ate my feelings yesterday because I felt bored, thanks lockdown.
Workout: 600 jump ropes and this workout. Am getting better and better.

Day 5: did not weigh or exercise.

Day 6: 64.8kg.
Workout: morning — 500 jump rope, this workout and 10 min standing ABS workout and 20 min full body stretch (trying to make up for the day lost of no exercise)

Day 7: 65.3kg
Workout: morning 500 jump rope, did some gardening whichbfelt like workout, did not do this workout but moved on to her 30 min strength training fat blaster. Evening did the 30 min strength training again. Also I ate a lot today, don't know if it's boredom or stress😔. I must try to fast for a couple of days just to reset my body. Will be a challenge fasting though as am home 24/7 because of the lockdown.

Day 8: 65.6kg
Workout: morning 30 min strength training fat blaster. No breakfast. Evening 30 min strength training fat blaster. I ate a big lunch, no dinner.

Day 9: 65.9kg. Am actually gaining weight and confused, is it muscle? I am thinking of fasting but being home makes it difficult, so much temptation especially for a mother and wife who still has to cook for her family.
Workout: 30 min strength training fat blaster and 150 20kg deadlifts, all in the morning. Evening I did the 30 min strength training and 100 20kg deadlifts.

Day 10: 65.8kg
It seems am consistent with the weight gain and not losing. I'm told it could be muscle gain. I can see that my tummy has gone down, it's just the scale that's not looking good.
Workout: today is Sunday, my rest day.

Day 11: 65.5kg
Workout: morning 100 deadlifts and 30 min strength training fat blaster. Will also do some chores.

Day 12: 65.1kg
Workout: 30 min strength training fat blaster and 100 20kg deadlifts. Did not feel good working out this morning as I did not have enough sleep the night before. But I can definitely see the difference in my tummy 😊

Day 13: 65.1kg. Weight seems to be consistent on the scale but I see the difference in my body 😊.
Workout 30 min strength training fat and 110 of 20kg deadlifts.

Day 14: 65.4kg. Maybe I should stay away from the scale as the numbers do not match what I see when looking at the mirror.
Workout: 30 min strength training fat blaster and 100 20kg deadlifts. I was feeling a bit weak today, like I didn't get enough sleep so it was difficult doing the workout.
Day 15 to 17: did not workout or weigh. Was not feeling good these past days.

Day 18: 65.0kg
Workout: 30 min strength training fat blaster, 500 abs challenge (but have done about 250), 120 20kg deadlifts.

Day 19: did not workout or weigh. Ha unexpected visitors I had to take care of.

Day 20: 63.5kg. Seems my weight is going down, can see some definition of abs😊.
Workout: it's still the morning. I don't feel so good, haven't been sleeping well these past days. I will see how I feel as the day goes by. Will hopefully exercise in the evening.

Day 24: 64.5kg. Was not working out these past days, started again today. Had an unplanned visit from MIL as she visited due to not feeling well.
Workout: 500 abs challenge, 30 min strength training fat blaster and 100 20kg deadlifts.

Tarra Quismundo says:

This was a great workout! I feel so powerful! Thank you 🙂

Vasudha Yerravally says:

how much do those dumbbells' weigh?

Giulia Hm says:

So will I be burning 100 calories ?
I’m 1,60 and I weight 48 kg

Can somebody help me out

Telly G says:

Life of a mom: my son woke up early from his nap and I had to change a poop diaper during the 1 minute break 😂.

Justine Joy Rivera says:

Hey guys! Can you help me out? I’m planning to buy my first set of dumbbells. I initially thought of signing up for a gym membership but I remembered Joanna having strength training videos. I am 5’3 and weighing at 125-126 lbs. I am hoping to lose fat and build muscles. What weight of dumbbell do you guys suggest me buying? Thanks in advance! Much love!

Aina Ah says:

how much kilo per dumbbell joanna?

vexeri says:

Omg I can't believe you're still able to talk through this workout! You're a champ. Amazing.

Laura Little says:

You are such a amazing person I can not imagine my life with out you !! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Thank you Joanna for everything you do to help people work out and have fun !!💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

tifanni25 says:

It’s only 20+ minutes but I’m sweating a LOT. Love this 🔥🔥🔥

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