3 Amazing Rotator Cuff Impingement Stretches to Stop Pain and Surgery

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: 3 Amazing Rotator Cuff Impingement Stretches to Stop Pain and Surgery

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mtnmiker says:

Been having shoulder impingement issues for quite a while now. My PT sessions did not really help. My shoulder seems to be getting worse. That last stretch you showed, though a bit painful, did lessen my pain immediately and kind of increased my range of motion. I just started! I'm curious how this will pan out in the next few days/weeks. How many reps to you recon I should do every time I do this stretch? And how many times should I do this everyday? Thanks again and keep up the good work. You guys are really helpful AND entertaining to watch. You guys have great chemistry.

skaybaltimore says:

Thanks. Very helpful. Not that long ago I had so much pain in my left shoulder that I couldn't sleep. I saw this video and very slowly started doing the hanging exercise, as well as the pillow arrangement sleeping advice you offered in another video. At first it was excruciating just to lift my left hand up to the bar. But I took it easy and now I can do the exercises/hangs with little discomfort at all.

One thing I noticed: After I got the hang of it (some pun intended) I didn't experience any pain when I positioned my hands on the bar in line with my shoulders. But as soon as I spread my left hand off center, wider, to the left, the pain was intense. It was like starting all over again. So I took it easy, like at the very beginning, and gradually that pain decreased as well. I made an effort to spread my hands as far as possible on the bar and now I can use a very wide grip with no pain. Hope this helps.

Jeremy Whelan says:

Love your video’s and again you helped me with this video. Keep up the good work and God bless!!!

Jas Phillips says:

Thank you so much, guys. You’re both so awesome 👏

Kyle Brett says:

Subscribed !!!!
im going to give this a try and report back… i have had shoulder pain for months now

Scott Allen says:

left shoulder clicking? I have a minor clicking in my left shoulder when lifting a 5 lb weight ? Right shoulder – fine. But left shoulder clicks in certain lift positions ? Any suggestions ?

Tristen Pitman says:

I have no idea if I have shoulder impingement, I just have some shoulder pain that only happens when I take my arm and lift it past my head

STLsportBlog says:

Is preventing rotator cuff impingement & rotator cuff tears more about stretching the shoulder muscles or strengthening them? If strengthening is a factor, do you have any strengthening videos as well?

maria nazario says:

Hello there. I've been having since pain. Can you guys make a video on shoulder labral tears?

mobi says:

i have shoulder impingement about 1 year. the last exercise is really working for me . thank you . you are the best

mikedok1 says:

Hahahahahahah!!! Awwwww!! And I was hoping my broken heart would be fixed

Potato Damage says:

But if i don't have any of these?

Shah A says:

are you guys on instagram?

Durand Eubanks says:

Is this the same as frozen shoulder

halyconPT says:

really love that internal rotation with lift off stretch!

Alfred Newman says:

Awsomr, I was having an issue with my rotator-cuff which caused my biceps to fire to help move my scapula -very painful! Great help!!

marlene kerrmarlene says:

thank you but mine has been torn for over 15 yrs. so no hope for me huh?????really painful m.k

Rochadd Hendrix says:

Bro I feel better and I just started now. Thanks, guys!

God Spark says:

Seems like they are fighting for attention when I watch them. Very informative though.

Frank Patti Jr says:

When you reach 1 million subscribers you all can say BOO YAH!!!!!!

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