3 Simple Exercises For Knee Pain

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3 Simple Exercises For Knee Pain

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Bob and Brad demonstrate 3 simple exercises for knee pain.

Bob (the tall one) has been diagnosed with Ataxia. It affects his balance and his speech, but does not affect his thinking. We appreciate your understanding and support!

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Annabelle McCall says:

You guys are amazing!

absolutetruthgirl says:

Wow!! Doing your exercises because my knee is sore. I feel encouraged. My knees are going to be so much stronger. Thank you gentlemen!! ( this is the 6th physical health problem you have solved 🥰💖).

joe the sheep says:

03:10 – why does it have to be imaginary though? I mean if you good a piece of chalk and a chalkboard…

edgars silis says:

Hy.👍 How often you should do this.? It helps me alot. Very good feeling. Like your knee go back in place. Graduating feeling. You are very helphul. Respect! 🙏🙏🙏

edgars silis says:

I cant understand how the circles need to be done. Thanks.👍

Lightseeker says:

Amazing! Lots of effect for the effort. Noticed a difference in leg strength and walking after the first week. These really showed me where my muscles were weak in legs, ankles, hips, abs, and lower back. All of these are part of my knee problem and doing these was very revealing and helpful!

Anna Wanner says:

Hi Bob and Brad. I'm hoping you could tell me if you know of anyone low impact exercises that are good for an obese person. I'm over 350 lbs. I have arthritis in my knee, neuropathy in my foot, carpal tunnel in both hands. I'm very sedentary all day. But I don't want to be sedentary all day anymore, I'm working on eating more healthy through the keto life style. Now I need to learn the best way to exercise my body without injuring myself.

Taiwo Ogunnusi says:

Hello everyone, I’m here to share my great testimony on how I got cured of my Herpes virus with the natural herbal medication I ordered from Dr Igudia on his YouTube channel

yash verma says:

This channel has been very useful for me thanks a lot ….

Dawn darling says:

the feet stuff cannot be ignored. Therefore, shoes ALWAYS matter

Kathy Cameron says:

You're doing great Bob! You inspire me to move forward through my own challenges.
I love your videos. They are helping me SO much!!

Kathy Clark says:

These are good 👍 especially the one with the belt. I have my bands to use so I had better get with it! Thanks guys 😊

Tyson Oswald says:

I've been doing the ankle rolls for a week or so and oddly my knee hurts but I think for a different reason :).

Neat,clean and simple. says:

Hi Bob. Lots of love and healing prayers from India 🇮🇳 . You are an active guy and will recover soon.
Stay blessed. Gratitude. 🙏😇

Patty M says:

Can you say something about pain behind the knee? or point me to a video if you already have one.👍Thank you

Ellie Kate says:

Thank you both so much! You're amazing!

Susan Taylor says:

I had bilateral knee replacement seven years ago, and my knees are great. The problem I have is no spring or bounce in my legs. What are the best exercises to get spring back in my leg muscles?

Dia user says:

very good idea with the belt, otherwise so many vids on YT recommend using exercise bands and what not tasks 🙂 also appreciate Bob for doing such a great job, given his health challenges.

Mares says:

Hi Bob how are you, do you feel better? Both of you have a great day

Dia user says:

my favourites Bob & Brad, video at right time, knee pain seems never ending and worser with age

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