30 min Mini band Glute workout | Resistance band Glute workout | Leg resistance band workout | HIIT

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This 30 min Mini band Glute workout | Resistance band Glute workout | Leg resistance band workout | HIIT is made up of 2 x blocks of 4 exercises, each exercise for 35 seconds followed by 15 seconds of rest. Also in this workout we have an “after burner” block! 3 x bodyweight exercises for 3 rounds in a row!

Block 1
1. Band bounce squats
2. Front lunges + kickbacks
3. 2 x squat abductions + jump squats
4. 2 x low hip side steps + 2 x single leg abduction

Block 2
1. 4 x front lunge steps + 4 x back steps
2. Lateral bounce lunges
3. Low squat marching
4. Tap downs

After Burner
1. Bouncing jumping lunges
2. Squat + calf raise + jumping lunges
3. Leg Raise with Hip Lift


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Varad Vasant says:

I must say Daniel I have watched thousands of videos on mini band but yours are killing it. You need to have 10M subs. A request if you can make mini band videos for back, shoulders and biceps

gary roberts says:

Just did arm kettle bell and followed it with this one!!! Summer is coming !! Thanks!! Your exuberance keeps me going

five10queen says:

Blasting with the simple moves. I felt each one. New subbie

Mara Oliveira says:

Hello from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! I'm loving the workouts. Congrats!!!

Aram Jamkotchian says:

insane, intense…glad i'm alive

Krista Chaney says:

excellent band workouts , glad I found your channel. This workout pushes me to where I need to be for better results.

Wertyup G says:

Great workout

M Byley says:

Great workout. Had to take it easy on the after burner block, but I'll try again modified, then work my way up to those!

simplyyourtube says:

Just discovered you from previously doing other home exercise videos. This one is so good, absolutely a killer. Great PT encouragement.

Clare Wilsher says:

Legs are gonna burn tomorrow… love it!

ming li says:

after burn is not easy at all

bubu bubu says:

Best trainer. We love your workouts

manganjt says:

ON FIRE!!! Thank you!! Have been using your videos for workouts for a month now due to the lockdown. Loving all of them!!! More crazy kettlebell workouts!!! WOOT WOOT

Emil ter Veld says:

Thank you, had 30min of baby rest time. Great rythem workout, sucks my rhythm is bad.

Monique Carmack says:

I’m definitely going to do this workout on Saturday! I started doing your 5 part HIIT series! Will do DAY 2 today.

I know I always say this but you deserve way more subscribers !! Your workouts always get me fired up ~

Luba says:

Whoop another one, thanks for being so consistent!

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