30 Minute Band Workout | Full Body Mini Band Circuit

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30 MINUTE MINI BAND WORKOUT Today we are hitting a 30 Minute Mini Band Workout! Who knew you could get such a great workout with something so small? The tension that bands create on the muscle is amazing and very effective, especially if you don’t have much equipment, are in a small space or even on vacation without access to a gym. These bands and today’s workout are your ticket to staying fit! #movedaily #miniband #minibandworkout #resistancebands

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The different colours of bands offer different resistance. I typically use a red band, which is moderate resistance, but below is a key that you can use to determine which bands you will need.

Every brand is slightly different, but here is the key for the Baznat Bands: http://amzn.to/2FEV5lK
BLACK: Extra Heavy
RED: Heavy
BLUE: Medium
GREEN: Light

The workout is fairly straight forward: 3 Circuits -30 seconds work/15 seconds rest.

Circuit #1
Side to side tap -band at ankles
Reverse Taps – band at ankles
Squats -band at knees

Circuit #2
Single leg glute thrusts -band around foot and knee
Donkey Kicks – band around feet
Frog Pulses -band under knees or harder above knees

Circuit #3
Rear Delt Pull -band around wrists
Tricep Pressdown -band around palms of hands
Bicep Curl -band around leg and palm of hand

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V S C says:

I really like all of these exercises. However, I would find your video a lot easier to follow if you would alternate upper and lower body exercises. When my arms get tired, I could give them a rest by working the legs and vice-versa. Therefore, I'm not likely to keep watching. Thanks anyway.

Milan Milanovic says:

Thank youuu

HarvardHall2 says:

I love this video! You've made the exercises so approachable. Thank you!

Kenyata Jones says:

I'm getting ready for this workout again

Kenyata Jones says:

Great workout especially since we are in quarantine

Devon Highland says:

Loved this, thank you!

Katie Gee says:

Great quick workout thanks!

Fatima Aswad says:

Great workout,i just wish if you add a clock by the corner to know the workout time

Michele Johnston says:

I just purchased a set of resistance bands at the dollar store and I am excited to start training with your videos!

Rachel Dean says:

Joined this morning. Feeling great.
Can't wait to try more of the videos. Thankyou!

Abeer & says:

الي يفهم انجليزي يفهمني كم مرا في الأسبوع منسوبيها وكمان كم التكرار والعادات لكل تمارين

Tracy Steen says:

Join our March Melt Away Challenge – March 1-31, 2020 – https://www.movedaily.ca/march-melt-away/

fit_spoonie says:

I have been seeing people at the gym with these bands. So I decided to YouTube it to find out how to actually use one. I am so grateful that I found you. I am ordering the bands now and will be following this routine. Downloaded and saved to play at or the gym! Subscribing! 🤗

Mohammed El-Ghanam says:

Thank you for your effort, this workout helps me to keep my activity during travel

Yolande B says:

This was amazing! I had fun and I had a great workout with my band! I wish the change over time for the bands was a bit longer: I felt rushed to adjust the band quickly to keep up so i could maximize my workout! Despite that, I had a full body resistance band workout which was not stressful! A warm up and warm down stretch would have been good! But it's a 10 from me! Thank you Tracy! I have subscribed! 💪

RG Likelife says:

Am I the one who don't get the thing when people exercise with makeup and arranged hair?

Miss Vee says:

Thank you for this video! I love that you did it in your living room so you can show us that no gym or “special setting” are required to get in a good full body workout! It was easily to follow too!! 🤙🏽

Tammy Smith says:

Smashing session.

Maribel Rodriguez-Arjona says:

Great workout thank you!

Michelle Nelson says:

Love this workout. Keep making videos. You’re doing awesome, Tracy! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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