30-Minute Calorie-Torching Bodyweight Workout

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This bodyweight workout from Beth Bishop and Kristin Vallacher of The Phoenix Effect is one of our hardest ever! Grab some water, and get ready to work.

Find more from The Phoenix Effect at http://phoenixeffectla.com/.

On Anna: Vimmia top, Body Language tights, and Puma shoes
On Beth: Under Armour top, Varley tights and bra, and APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) shoes
On Kristen: Vimmia outfit and APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) shoes
Manduka Mats
Corkcicle water bottle

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Justus says:

This was a tough workout. LOVED IT!

Anne daley says:

fun and tough!

Kimbo 83 says:

Have never left a negative comment on any popsugar workout but I feel its important to be real and offer feedback when things dont hit the spot as well as when they do….this workout felt completly flat. The longer I played it the more I could feel my energy draining. Not at all the high or authentic or motivating energy that I associate with PS. Disappointing. That said, after abandoning this one I felt very lucky to find an amazing popsugar/speed play mash up and LOVED the workout and the energy. Much love to this instructor, Im delighted that people got something from this, just wasnt for me 🙏

Gina Kocher says:

Wow! Beth Bishop looks so sweet, too! Dang, Girl-ya killed me!
Thanks so much!!!

Danielle Clermont says:

This is one of the worst fitness instructors as far as motivation and doing the work out along with you. Her form isnt great, using her forehead on the push up over heads. Idk I'll never do this work out again with the instructor

Jazlyn Yarbrough says:

Definitely not my favorite.

Sarah Natske says:

Agree with everyone who disliked her training style. Having her stand there smiling at us, telling us only 5 more seconds while she does nothing was super annoying. Didn't even finish this workout because she was just so annoying to watch. Please don't have her back!

captainspeedy22 says:

This workout was amazing!! I don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much! I have saved this to my favourite workouts playlist ❤️

Flavia Freitas de Oliveira says:

Uau… que AULA TOP. Vou repetir pelo menos 3x na semana. Parabéns. Ótimo. Ótima professora. Amei.

Tiffany Walker says:

Sorry…but not a motivating workout. More military moves. And repeating sets FOUR times just makes me uninspired and beyond bored on top of music that was barely audible. I sometimes count on the music to make the workout fun when it is not. Sorry! I do love Anna!

Angelofexecution says:

The donkey kicks and single legged burpees were just too intense for me to do, I had to replace them with plank holds.

Emily M says:

Absolutely terrible, I spent the whole video trying to figure out what they were even doing because the instructor doesn't narrate when we should go down/up so I was constantly turning my head to see if I was keeping up. Inventing new workout moves isn't needed if they're complicated! One leg burpees into a speed skater? Why?

Berkeley Martin says:

4 cycles of 7 moves- great mix of strength and cardio.

Rachel Martinez says:

Not my favorite, but I still love popsugar <3

Lauren Knight says:

This workout has quite a bit of hate, but I find it really effective and I love how challenging it is! I'm always dripping with sweat whenever I do it, even when I modify. I always come back to this one 🙂

Nicole Jurzenski says:

I rarely comment, but this one got really boring after the second round so I stopped and found a new video

Leigh-Golding DeSantis says:

More of this! I keep coming back to this for the best use of a half hour.

Ocean Blue Burns says:

This seems like a great workout, but there are a lot of moves that has someone on on their hands, and I was disappointed that the hands and wrists weren't included in the warm-up. I have sensitive wrists, so I had to find different exercises to do because I couldn't handle doing so many movements on my hands one after another (push ups, donkey kick, burpees).

Ellen Morris says:

Just loved this workout. Had my heart rate high the entire way and didn't max out at any point which is amazing for me. Thank you!

Sarah Reuss says:

Love this workout!!! Bring The Phoenix effect back in!!!

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