30 Minute CrossFit "EMOM" Home Workout | Full Body CrossFit Workout

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Every Minute on the Minute! We’ve got 5 moves, 5 times through – each circuit more challenging than the last. And why not add some active rest to it? Get ready to challenge every muscle in your body today in this 30 minute CrossFit style workout right at home! LET’S DO THIS!

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Workout Breakdown:

Equipment Used:
Kettlebell or Dumbbell


EMOM – “Every Minute On the Minute”



5 Rounds, EMOM Style:

1) 10 Push-Up + Shoulder Tap
2) 15 Squat Jumps
3) 15 V-Ups
4) 12 Single Arm Kettlebell Swings Each Arm
5) 20 Switch Lunges


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tomos jones says:

Thabks for sharing the RAARRRR

Amaros says:

I fell of the working out bandwagon the past few days and I'm so glad I clicked on your video today! Ouuuuuuuh Lordt!! I've never sweated so much! Thank you so much for kicking my booty! RAWR! <3

Cindabella M says:

After sitting on my tush for much of the time during this quarantine, I have lost some of my cardio and strength. I really appreciated this workout. It challenged me and even though I had to modify some of the movement, it gave me a goal to set for myself to do this workout often to be able to regain those strengths so as not to have to modify. I look forward to doing it again and again and seeking out more of your workouts! Rawrrr!!

Clarisse Paraoan says:

Hi maam rawr! What are the effect if I keep on doing this emom? Thank you so much you’re my inspiration😊 can I lose weight if I continue this?

Cynthiaaa c says:

How do I know how much time to do on active rest?

Ali Khodr says:

thank you so much for this workout and cheerful energy.

Meredith Price says:

I really loved this workout! I don't have a kettlebell so I just did tricep dips, instead!

Nikki Cooley says:

Hey Kat, thanks for the awesome workout. I usually need a gym and a coach to make me work out. Now I have no choice so I am glad to have found you. Thank you! Awesome workout and great attitude and personality. Made the workout fun and go by fast!

wvusciguy says:

These at home simple workouts are saving me during this isolation!

Malloy Peters says:

My kids and I just completed this workout and LOVED it! Thanks so much!

Shawn Daniels says:

Workout just kicked my butt!! Thanks, it was awesome

Guillermo Munoz says:

Given the gym is closed I looked up crossfit at home and boom! First hit. Loved it! Rawr lol

Lhen Albania says:

@0:42 thank me later

barewires311 says:

Girl workouts

jorge rios says:

Rawrrr awesome work out and cool down!!🥵💪🏼😅

sedra janbai says:

Hi guys I’m a 16 yrs old girl
I’m planing to stick with this workout in this quarantine, till we start school again and I’m going to tell you step by step if im having changes please write me some motivational comments so i dont gave up thx
-Day 1: it was my first day and i did all of this workout it was hard but I’m not gonna give up
-Day 2: today it was so hard i couldn’t do it all i did only 20 minutes of it, i can it in feel my whole body specially in my legs

Theresa Rodriguez says:

Thank you! I've been looking for at home workout and your workout was AWESOME!

Philip Rodriguez says:

Great exercise! Is there any substitute to KB swings? Like an equivalent bodyweight workout? TIA 🙂

enka omenka says:

It was great! I did it! 🙂 do more of it!

Marian Pearce says:

Thank you sooooo much for this!!! I can actually do it! it's so suited to all levels – super grateful x

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