30 Minute CrossFit "EMOM" Home Workout | Full Body Workout

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5 moves, Every Minute on the Minute! We’re crushing it today, CrossFit style, right at home! Grab some dumbbells and let’s get it, get it!


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Workout Breakdown:

12 Jump Over Burpees
16 KB Swings
16 DB Squats
100 Skips/High Knees
30 Bicycle Straight Crunches

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Asia R. says:

So, is it possible to get a "crossfit bod" just by doing home workouts?

Amy Andrews says:

I loved this.. only thing is my left knee was bothering me so I switched from squats to deadlifts and did a sumo swing.. I could handle the rest as is.. Next time I come up to Wisconsin I'm gonna try to pop into one of your classes with Katie! Rawwrr!

Steve Sobel says:

Another great EMOM! Old skool Nickelodeon 4 Life yo!

Remote Suumo says:

Kat, you're so cute.

Magdalena Krupa says:

Love your EMOM workouts! 😃❤️

T BLK says:

Nice to see you broke 23k….with what happened on the live stream, I really feel you have more subbs than what’s represented!

Camilo Perez says:

thank you very much Kat and thanx for doing the excercises with us…..

Ivy Chombela says:

Worked out later in the day and loved it more energy not starving as I usually am in the morning.

Lara Book says:

I've been doing your workouts while in quarantine. Love them and they're challenging (very)! Thank you!!!

dominick dutystrong says:

Thank you 🙏🏾

MsStarlet21 says:

Girl I can’t thank you enough for these amazing videos!!! I am 230 pounds and only 5foot 2in. I DEFINITELY can not go do weight cross for right now at a gym. Or like the hard core stuff. I can’t do everything you do either but I don’t quite and push myself as much as I can with your workouts. I have gotten so far with my stamina and the things I can do now I couldn’t do before… it’s amazing!!! Only been two weeks so I haven’t seen weight loss yet but I know I will. I use to be a weight trainer and runner. Life and injury happened and I gained like 80 pounds in two years… I have been obese for 5 years now and I’m done. I want to go back to my normal healthy self. I just seriously can not do this without your videos!! The day I can keep up with you and do it all and only take breaks when you do I will comment to tell you!!! Might be a year lol. But I’ll comment here and there to keep you updated. Thank you thank you so so much for posting these videos!!! You are helping me save my life…

mstandal09 says:

Kat, this workout got me wrecked! In the best way! First time doing an EMOM. RAWR!

Nicole Sanfelippo says:

Ahhh! Alex Mack! Wasn't that like a tv show where she melted into a puddle to become invisible or something and spy on people?! It is triggering something in my memory!! haha Great workout! Think my glutes will be thanking you tmw 😉

Jennifer G says:

Yup. That was good. Holy sweat and out of breath! Love these, and awesome finish to the day! Thanks, Kat!!

Bernardo Powaga says:

I knew I missed one of your videos when I was away, but Ive finally found it! By the way, have I told you that I loooooove skipping rope? There was a time in my life that on the days I had only about 15 minutes to workout and I would jump rope non stop and it was amazing! I should do that again someday (and maybe learn how to do double under, but it is so tricky!)

Marina Beech Soul Alchemist says:

Loved this thanks Kat……. I actually got quicker with the burpees on the last round – yay 😀 Rrrrrrrrraw ❤️

BenignTick6414 says:

Dem burpees tho D: barely got them done before we were moving on! Holy Bedazzler, Katgirl, that was insanely tough!

T BLK says:

100 high knees??? Oh my!!

stuart johnson says:

Ooohhh weee!!!! I did this workout twice this week. 1st time was on the 17th(My Birthday) and tonight 2-19-2020 and this time..tonight. I completed it much better and it was more awesome. Thanks for this wonderful workout. Not bad for a 45 year old huh…
I keep making it happen, not giving up. Yeah Baby!!!!(in my Austin Powers voice)

Jenn Fur says:

Thank you for another booty-kickin' workout. You give me the courage to try these moves at heavier weights.
I really loved this very yoga-y stretch at the end, as well as the music that went with it!!!<3 Something about it was just perfect. Thank you.

I always love how real you are in your workouts, and I always feel like I'm working out with a friend. You struggle with us but also know the importance of keeping positive to be able to push through and challenge ourselves so that we may grow!
I used to watch Fitness Blender, but I think there was a personal touch missing that you really provide. You're not just some bubbly type though, you're alternative and talk about your struggles and make your adorable jokes.
It's okay if you make adult jokes– I'm here for it, Kat!
Age is whatever, you're absolutely enough as you are (getting better all the time). You're supremely loveable!

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