4 BEST Resistance Band Exercises for Chest (Do These!)

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Are you looking for exercises that you can do at home to build your chest? Today, I am going to show you the 4 best resistance band exercises for chest, and you can do them from the comfort of your own home.

When working chest, we are going to use higher tension resistance bands because our chest is a stronger muscle. There is nothing better than having a big chest that pops through your shirt. So, let’s get started with what I think are the 4 best resistance band exercises for your chest.

Exercise #1… CHEST FLIES. This can be done with a high anchor point or a low anchor point, each targeting different parts of the chest. Stretch the resistance band out so there is already tension before you start the exercise. Have a slight bend on your elbow, and maintain that throughout the exercise. If you need more resistance, step farther away from the anchor point.

Exercise #2… CHEST PRESS. We are going to do this exercise with the anchor point at the mid-level. You can have the bands on top of your arms, or you can put them under your armpits. Step away from the door and push straight forward. We are engaging the same muscle group, but we are hitting it from a different angle with a different technique.

Exercise #3… ONE-ARM CHEST FLIES. We are going to change up the angle to activate different muscle fibers. You are really going to feel this exercise in the upper chest.

Exercise #4… RESISTANCE PUSH UPs. The resistance band makes it tougher at the part of the pushup that is the easiest. And you are just going to do some good ole fashioned push ups.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with a workout for your chest that you can do at home, and all you need are resistance bands.

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Live Anabolic says:

Hey man, here are some really great chest exercises you can do at home using nothing more than resistance bands. Comment below and let me know what you think of these!

jyoti jahagirdar says:

Very good workout …starting from today

Wataboutya says:

I’m an old fart too and I get a good workout using resistance bands. I use dumbbells as well and body weight exercises like pull-ups and dips. The more variety you use the better. Hit those muscles from every angle possible.

Mike Scott says:

I'm 78 and resistance tubes are the best thing that ever happened to me. Since I'm indoors during this corona virus I happened to find a single band with handles and started using it immediately. I'm so impressed with the results that I'll be ordering a complete set. One of the big secretes for improvement at my age is to have a 2 to 3 hour catnap after each workout then go back and "hammer" the muscle all over again. As we get older we are not usually strong enough to properly "destroy" the muscle during a single workout. What I accomplished by a lot of extra rest between workouts really made up for my age. After a workout I can pack my entire workout kit in a shoe box. My friend is following in my footsteps just because he doesn't have the space for equipment in his apartment! Thanks to your "squat" program I'm climbing hills better on my bicycle! As it turned out all the muscles your training during your leg workout are exactly the same muscles I'm using while riding my bicycle up any hills. (Mike Scott, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Erdogan Essat says:

thank you so much great ban Exercises.

rossi berlino says:

The wrong doorsite, carefull!!!

naruto1993max says:

thank you, George

Quatie says:

I want what he's on

CARCAR videos says:

A much safer way of doing this exercise, which will provide then same and even better results is to lie on your back perpendicularly to the door and put the anchor at a lower on the door, about the front deltoid height. Then reach for that band and pull and raise it over your body while ensuring that you cross over the sternum if you can. You can test this by holding your right fist straight in front of you and move it left. Then you know how much you can and need to pull that band. Doing this standing is much too dangerous as your can tear that all too important ligament. Over time the safer method will give you far better results for the mid chest

TheRubbersoul662001 says:

Thanks Mark..for me this will be challenging..I am 70 and I need to have better chest..man boobs..I ordered resistance bands and I hope with this video I can see some changes in another month. I don't expect to be rock solid but a better upper chest and tighter stomach will make me feel better mentally.
Thanks for the video here.

Richard James says:

Loved the video and the exercise ideas – perfect!!

padraigmaca says:

How are the bands anchored?

Devanei Zanardi says:

Dear teacher, thank you so much. Can you teach some form of BENCH PRESS with resistance band please? And, I wish to tell you to prepare yourself, because your channel are now about to SKYROCKET with the lockdown global policy. Im waiting for your answer, teacher. Thank you.

David Banner says:

A complete waste of time for a fly.

Adel Dalgamouni says:

Lmfaoooooo I came down here to comment that I feel like George W Bush is talking to me and I find out there’s bunch of comments about that already 😂😂😂😂😂

Rick R says:

I installed eye bolts in my garage down low, mid and high with karabiner hooks, works great

Leon Kelly says:

Didn't know George Bush works out. He's heaps bigger now compared to when he was the president

Norberto Sousa says:

Hi Mark my first time watching your videos workouts I subscribe already, I'm 65 and I do workout a lot, I use resistant bands. I like to run a lot I run about 30 miles a week, I have a good physic but would like more chest and biceps,should I drink more protein shakes, I'm told we need to have 1.5 gram protein for every KG, I weight 79 kg.

Faiz Khan says:

Thank you , you are the best

Pablo Maradiaga says:

Found what I was looking for. Great video, and form.

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