4 Killer Leg Exercises with Resistance Bands

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Target your quads, hamstrings and glutes using nothing more than resistance bands!

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Monica Neal says:

Loooooove all of this! Thank u!

wolfgang penselmeister says:

There’s no such thing as a glute hamstring tie in. Sorry. They do not tie into each other.

D says:

What bands would you recommend?

MrGoldie300 says:

Please open the fitness centers I’m hurting but thanks 4 this video very helpful!

Lizbeth Carino says:

Wow !! Thanks so much for explaining!!

Marcus Bryan says:

Someone explain to me why he changed from weights to bands? Just curious.

fraz waraich says:

You have been my muscle saver in these Dire times (Corona) .

Sean Kennedy says:

No way in the world he only works out with bands. That lack of resistance throughout the entire range of motion will kill the spirit of any gym rat.

wizardandwisdom says:

Do NOT do these exercises barefoot. First hand experience.

Chad Smith says:

If COVID brought you here, check out ThenX as well. Chris Heria has some great at home workouts to get us through this social isolation propaganda.

PlayStation Guy85 says:

My quads r BIG

Ninja Kitteh says:

Tried the last one just once. Couldn't keep my balance, almost fell, and now my knee hurts like hell and I can't walk anymore. What just happened?

stickers11 says:

Welp my tight ass aint doing no overhead squats i just fall forward 🙁

elijah Xbib says:

My friend snapped my band today 😢

jlsk01 says:

I dont feel the band squat and deadlifts do much for my legs. Maybe it's because the resistance is lowest at the point where it should be hardest (when I am squatting down)? My grip gives out way before my legs do. Lunges / single leg squats with bands, however – absolute killer, best leg exercise I've done! Legs are pumped like never before!

Lou Dneiv says:

Nice ideas ! Happened to own a couple of resistance bands and I did not know they could actually be useful fo my legs. Now about the video… The absence of overwhelming generic unbearable music is extremely appreciated. God how good it feels to go straight to the point with no lame embellishment whatsoever.

And probably an unpopular opinion to finish : this guy seems like he is a quite an impressive weightlifting veteran but he does also seem out of breath a lot… I know weightlifting is not the best for cardio but you should be able to finish a sentence without cathing your breath several times when you are well rested (0:18) ?

Don't get me wrong, I am not openly criticizing this guy just for fun and I could not perform nearly a quarter of what he does at the gym, I am just preoccupied by his very health that's all.

John Birmingham says:

Great instruction. High signal, low noise.

ahmad elshbasy says:

I think those videos are gonna skyrocket duo to covid19

ro branko says:

honest and smart,,, great video thank you ….

John Murray says:

COVID-19 subscriber. Loving the band workouts, just cooked my legs 👍cheers James

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