44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever! Gain Strength & Size Using Bodyweight Calisthenics Exercises

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Felix M. says:

Real Talk, This Looks like Kung Fu !
Alot of these exercises are in Shaolin Kung Fu Conditioning ….. These exercises are beautiful like a ballet or a dance .

Donald Chesser says:

At about 2:30 I was like whoa whoa slow down there champ. Lol

Keys 808 says:

Nice warmup routine! I did 3 sets of each before an intense 45mins of freeweights.

Will incorporate this from now on, thanks.

J Smith says:

He's got another clip out there where he's doing 50 1080p's (triple spin pushups) that ends with a 1 hour levitation hold

shalom theboss says:

Why did you switch the song ?

response207 says:

he's not even sweating.

dick carr says:

What person trying to get in shape would do all that Bullshit!

tom kamau says:

About 50% of those would result in a faceplant for me. Luckily i know my limits. Sofa get ups, fridge lunge, beer curl , bed lower downs, pillow crunch, chair sits etc

Fred Gardner says:

Disappointing… variations of extreme pushups.. n extreme ab stuff. Meh

Fred Gardner says:


Pops Sigung says:

Nice video! Thank you for sharing!

Suhaib Imtiyaz says:

Man what triceps .

luke stevenson says:

1 hand push clap! BEAST!!!

S B says:

Exercises performed by professionals in closed area under supervision. Do not try this at home.

Happy Man says:

Look at this duuuuuude….

Anthony Isgro says:

Wish he added in the human flag to the mix 👍👍


What do you recomend for start?


Look insane Man great job

Roger Sepeda says:

I saw the beginning I was like ok this seems manageable and then he starts doing these workouts that are all level 1000 , I'm like yeah , not even happening anytime this life time lol

Malek Manai says:

The biggest triceps ever !

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