45-Min Total Body Strength Training (No Weights, No Jumping!) | Joanna Soh

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45-Min Total Body Strength Training (No Weights, No Jumping!) | Joanna Soh
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Yes, you can strength train at home WITHOUT any weights. We want to use our own body as resistance. This is a 45-Minute Total Body Strength Training Workout. We’ll be working on your lower body, upper body and abs!

There will be a total of 4 sets. The aim is to complete 20 reps for each exercise in the 1st set, 15 reps in the 2nd set, 10 reps in the 3rd set and only 5 reps in the final set.

1) Lateral Squat Walk
2) Lunge to Curtsy
3) Narrow to Wide Push-ups
4) Superman Squeeze to Plank
5) Single Leg Lunge
6) Heel Touch Glute Bridge
7) Dolphin Push-up
8) Plank Up-Down

Estimated Calories Burned: 300 – 400Cals


Record a video or take a picture of you doing the workout, tag me @JoannaSohOfficial #JSohActive

I’m a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM) and Nutrition Coach, with over 9 years of experience.

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45-Min Total Body Strength Training (No Weights, No Jumping!) | Joanna Soh

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Al Busaeedi says:

Joanna you are amazing 😘

MinaMinaGetsFit says:

Hey Joanna! This workout was AWESOME!!! I'm not up to completing 20 on 1st round cause I go a little slower. But I broke sweat in 1st round & kept sweating whole way through. I modified a few of the moves and am excited to repeat weekly until I can make it all the way through doing total number of reps and unmodified moves. Thank you!!! @minaminagetsfit

raphael kersee says:

Hi joanna, i just came across your chanel. I have knee pain often because of valgus leg (not too much)and do you recommend lunges to curtsy and squat please ?

Angelina Setiawan says:

Hi Joanna! I wanna ask you a question. I can't do push-ups because of an injury. Are there any other moves to replace the push-ups? thanks!

Nihal Fathima says:

Hi Joanna . I tried your workout today . It was an amazing workout I feel soo good after the workout. I really enjoy all ur workouts . Keep up the good work . Please make more videos like this . Thank you

Huchi Bliss says:

Very challenging workout! Thank you Joanna! 😊👏

Azmery Iqbal Afnan says:

Do we have to follow any breathing rules to do these exercises? or anything like tucking the tummy as for building the core?

Nur Rahmi says:

Please teach us also the stretching before doing that

Fatima Qureshi says:

Omg love this workout it is really fun.

Eve says:

joanna is it okay if I take 1 hour instead of 45 minutes to do this? I try my best to do it swiftly but without rushing but it takes me longer :((

Carme Irene Pelone says:

Is this okay for gaining weight?

ramina ann hoover says:

Suggest me exercise for tummy and back fat Joanna

Ha ze says:

Can i know how do i get the dolphin push ups without stretching and scratching my elbows??

Navas Mohamed says:

The curtsy lunge is the real devil 😂💔 my leg’s were gonna give out
Any moment

Amal Khan says:

Day 1 done. 👍

Katherine Velásquez says:

Hi! Can anyone tell me how many calories we are burning with this workout? I want to register it in my tracker please 🤗

ece yagami says:

i love joanna’s energy so much! i feel like she’s the elder fitness sister we all need ❤️

Carson Butler says:

very convenient ad placement

vaishnavi venkata says:

Hi Joanna if we do this strength training at home, no need to go gym right?

Vicious Vitus says:

doing explosive body weight work outs while continuously talking wow you must have a tremendous cardio to be able to cope up with the breathing

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