5 Best Pregnancy Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

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Help relieve lower back pain during pregnancy with these simple exercises. For this video, I teamed up with Dr. Jen, a pelvic floor physical therapist who also happens to be pregnant! She’ll show you her top 5 exercises to help relieve low back pain when you are pregnant by mobilizing and stabilizing the pelvis. Watch more videos at https://www.askdoctorjo.com

The first exercise to help relieve low back pain during pregnancy is an anterior and posterior pelvic tilt. This is when you are emphasizing moving your hips forwards and backwards.

The next lower back exercise is a lateral pelvic tilt, or moving your pelvis in a side to side direction.

Now you will focus on stability with your core muscles including the diaphragm, pelvic floor, transversus abdominis, and multifidus muscles (deep spinal muscles). This should be done while you are breathing normally, so try not to hold your breath. After you achieve this, you can add in a bridge to activate the gluteus muscles.

Then you will get onto all fours, or in quadruped. Then you will do pelvic tilts again, or some call it the cat/dog exercise or stretch. You can also do lateral tilts as well.

Finally, you will do the child’s pose or prayer stretch. If you are later in your pregnancy, you can use a pillow for support.


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5 Best Pregnancy Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises :

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Su Nguyen says:

Can I do this if I’m 35 weeks?

Su Nguyen says:

Can I do this if I’m 35 weeks?

Yesenia Remon says:

the exercises are cool and all but where did she get that dog hippie shirt?

Mohmad Aasim says:

My wife is in her s second trimester and she feels her abdomen getting tight from right side !!! And feeling motion only on her right side!!!
Mam why only right ??? Why not left side and more middle of abdomen??
I mean why she feels only on her right side ??
And she has pain on toes?? What is the problem??
Please reply.

joy pricelex ali says:

Waooo thanks so much am going to try these exercises when ever the back pain returns again .

ネスト ライブ & スタジオ・Nest Live & Studio says:


ネスト ライブ & スタジオ・Nest Live & Studio says:


Sam Oakley says:

would be really good to show how to get up from lying on your back for pregnant women… 🙂 otherwise thanks for sharing this info – very helpful


31 weeks and my lower My back hurts so bad need to try these .😩😁

Hindustani MAA says:

My delivery done in sep 2019 nd now I hot serious back pain nd wrists pain nd knee pdin I can't sitting down not able to carry mybbiy drvsaid do exercise nd yoga which I don't know plsss advice me humble request as mother u can understand my problem nd ine more thing my husband mom suffering with serious knee pain what to do

World Nature Video says:

Wonderful. Thanks for sharing. This makes my daily workout more productive and more fun. I enjoyed it alot. Great job

Caramel Brown says:

I’m a believer I’m 31 weeks pregnant and I have been having lower back pain. I tried a heating & cooling pad, warm epsom salt bath, walking, exercising, stretching and nothing helped in the area I had the pain. After a session with Dr. Jo I’m proud to say I’m loose enough to finally get a good nights rest. Thank you so much ❤️❤️

Sarah Sm says:

Great dr😍I am an Iranian midwife and I will teach pregnant women these exercises🤰

Tessa Powers says:

I just tried this and honestly my back feel so much better! I'm 31 weeks and have been struggling with back pain.. I also work as a care giver so my job is quite physical so I'm hoping to get some relief after work by doing these 😊 thank you so much

rumezah shazali says:

Tq so much.. i have been so much pain in my lower back and pelvic area.. since early third trimester.. this exercise help me to get myself less pain..

mokeme amara says:

wow! I just tried this… it’s really really good. I’m relieved of waist pain. I can now get up from bed and turn on my bed without stress 👌👌 💃 💃

bluesilver1500 says:

Has been helping my back pain!!!!! All week I’ve been struggling. Thank you guys so much for going over this.

Edelyn Ferenal says:

I'm 5 months pregnant what exercise for back pain

Sarvinaz Durmaz says:

Im currently 28 weeks and have DSP. Is it safe for me to do these exercises?

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