5 Best Stretches For The IT Band

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The IT Band is a thick band of connective tissue, on the outside of the leg, from the hip to the knee. This video shows you the 5 best stretches for the IT Band.
The best way to stretch this area is actually to stretch the surrounding muscles of the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and TFL.
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Jonathan Villafana says:

Hi thank you so much for your advice! I will put it to practice. The only issues I have is for only my left hip, when I cross my ankle over; I get a pinch, painful feeling in the outer portion of my knee where the ITB connects. Any tips to lessen this pain?

T T says:

The second to last one was the moneymaker for me and my hip pain from my IT band. World of difference just from doing it once. Will definitely be incorporating this daily. Much appreciated.

• Bene Beck • says:

I counted 2 stretches for the IT band. Not what was promised.

Melissa Lynn says:

Wow none of my PTS have showed me this for IT band.

Szyszak says:

your voice is so sweet, work like ASMR to me, gives a lot of tingles

Troy Pierce says:

Dr. Kristie, thanks very much. I've been looking for some of the exercises you have described. Leg areas. Thanks again !

Brian Railey says:

Thank you!!! Already feel relief!

Entheonaut says:

I was familiar and using all of these stretches but was unfamiliar with the modified lunge for the tensor fasciolata. I warmed up and included this to end my stretch time. It felt really good and I wasn't pusing it but POW I blew out something in the muscle or connective tissue. Please be VERY careful with this particular stretch !

Reptilian God Mana says:

U bad as hell

Kyng Khold says:

Always top tier quality and help! An amazing human.

Tommy Coughlan says:

While I done all the marathons.. I just had different massage therapist.. Cost me a fortune

Tommy Coughlan says:

I ran 26 marathons in 3 years from 2015 to 2018.. Stopped running.. Put on about 5 kg running 5 mornings a week now 5 miles in 39 mins and my knees get sore sometimes.. Is it the weight do you think is the problem… I am 50 Yr old and 95 kg……. Thanks kristie..

Tommy Coughlan says:

Hi.. Thanks.. Have that IT band problem at the moment..
Thanks again

East Lamb says:

Nice TITS….i mean IT…….

Joe K says:

Can you go into a little detail about what the bumpiness is when you're doing muscle massaging? Thanks for the help by the way!

cocohelado says:

If we can do figure 4 without feeling much, but do get a good stretch from yoga's pigeon pose, is pidgeon pose a good substitute in terms of muscles it stretches?

k max says:

Great moves after a broken femur and surgery.
My bone has fused together so these are now great to stretch tight thigh /butt muscles.

Lyndon Vincent says:

Going to try this now, as my right side is tight and sore. Lots of running and riding.

whatfreedom7 says:

On the figure 4 what if one leg is much tighter and barely wants to go over the other leg and definitely won’t lay flat? Can I stretch that with the same excessive or do I need a different one to target that area.

masterjabbs says:

I was in a car crash 3 years ago and am still struggling with injuries, I tried out these stretches, and holy crap, it's bloody painful to do these, but I think they help.

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