5 Bodyweight Bicep Exercises for At Home Workouts!

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5 Bodyweight Bicep Exercises for you to Build Muscle Right At Home without equipment!
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Official Anabolic Aliens video of: 5 Bodyweight Bicep Exercises for At Home Workouts!

Here are 5 bodyweight only bicep exercises to add to your home workout arsenal and maximize your muscle gain without any equipment needed! I go over setup, how to optimally apply tension to your bicep muscles, and give recommendations for sets, reps or time intervals. No equipment is not an excuse. Build those biceps right at home getting them gains out of this world. No limits Aliens, let’s get it!

1. Seated Concentration Curl – 1:28
2. One-Arm Push Curl – 2:55
3. One-Arm Push Hammer Curl – 4:09
4. Alternating Angled Outer Leg Curl – 5:24
5. Grabbing Reverse Curl – 6:34

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SpankyTheTanky Games says:

Thought the 4th one was bs until I realized I was doing it wrong. Now it burns like a mofo 😂

Fr33ky Fiji Vlog says:

Specially during this pandemic where price of equipment and weights are so expensive, your videos are #Lit and 100% effective. Looking forward to trying out all your workout tips.

BBM Plays says:

I love your passion and its an inspiration to us all, is it possible if you do a video on nutrition, especially for those who have very fast metabolism. Keep it up bro!

k bøy says:

Let's go alien's . Kboy here

lala huta says:

Is it okay to do 2 workout at once ?
e.g. bicep and chest ?

Yagiz Sahin says:

why he's views are low

Nate Bulger says:

How much can you lift and how big are your biceps

Ualready Know says:

Hey Mike! I want to do multiple of your 30 day workout programs at a time, but I only have time for 2 of them a day. Can I afford to skip 30 days of arms and abs while I do chest, delts, shoulders and legs for 30 days? Thanks.

real_obama_us.a says:

Please help, my left calf is bigger than my right and i been using your workouts what am i doing wrong?

Hisham Nadeem says:

Can resistance bands gain muscle

tonyatmidnight says:

Some basic isometric arm exercises can act as a good warm-up and help establish that mind-muscle connection before getting into the full-blown exercises.

Alberto Alex Raul Dinica says:


Bou says:

Keep it up bro! would love if i could get some support on my channel!

jorja says:

never seen a video like this before. underrated channel

Amir Sayyad says:

Mike, your views have come down, put some ads, your contents are great..

Asadullah Ehsan says:

Just a suggestion, a towel used for grip will make these workouts more effective.

Segas says:

Found this channel searching for home workouts during quarantine. Plain and simple one of the best. Quality videos, and straight to the point. Keep going!

Shining Shivam says:

Ur up above all creativity 🔥🔥

Abdul Rahman says:

Hi brother. I'm a beginner. With a slim body, Weights 60kg and My height is like 5 8'. I just want atleast gain 10kg. Please Advise workout plan for myself. Thanks

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