5 Calisthenics Skills Beginners Can Learn at Home (No Equipment)

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Learn these impressive calisthenics skills in the comfort of your own home – no equipment needed!

Winter is coming, which means all that rain and snow is going to make it harder to do workouts at your local calisthenics park. The solution? Learn calisthenics skills at home!

There is an array of calisthenics skills you can learn at home. This video shows you 5 of those awesome skills that will help you progress with your calisthenics training, plus progressions you can use to learn these skills quicker.

The 5 calisthenics skills shown in the video are:

1. Elbow lever (0:29)
2. Russian push ups (1:28)
3. Handstand (2:07)
4. L-Sit (4:01)
5. Pistol squat (4:50)

If you want to learn how to perform these skills, check out my tutorials for each skill:

1. How to handstand tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jh3pFPWulQA&t

2. How to Russian Push Up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgAFJ9ZqmgQ&t

3. How to L-Sit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StTZ4Iz39Ks

4. How to pistol squat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMLVft7126o&t

Thank you for watching the video, and I hope you have fun adding these skills to your home calisthenics routine!

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halfdan23 says:

nice kitchen bro

Musaddiq Ali says:

How do you do elbow lever if you have weak and thin hands?

Duvon says:

My wrists are too weak.

SUN light says:

when you live above some motherfucker neighbours who wont let you train these at home

rob says:

my elbows can only reach my stomach and I don't know if I can feel my bones cause of my fat 🤦‍♂️

Đăng Ngố SuShi says:

the L sit is so hard, i can easily stretch all out my leg on a chair, but on the floor is a nightmare, holly shit how hard is that thing

Miguel Mtz says:

Good for this Quarantine!!!

Daksh Pat says:

I can't even do tucked elbow lever, especially I'm a 6-foot guy with the legs of a 7-foot person.

Karent Cedeño says:

Se me rompió algo

Akash Singh says:

Damn when I was 12 year old I used to this with a ease
It's known as yoga here
Teacher used to taught us this
And now I can't do it because I thought what's the point of doing this and quit these things 🙄
Although I am starting it again lets see how it goes

its_ enaj says:

I died when he played that’s just the way it is. You’ve earned a follow

Janis Atis says:

The elbow Lever is a breakdance Thing you can do it only on one Hand too

salem khamis says:

Yeh totaly for begginers you just need 5 years of experience

Diyan M says:

I put a soft jacket on the floor and next to a wall, and I made my first head stand – it works 🙂

Matías Pincheira says:

Is he black or asian?

Miles Bissay says:

Voice is nearly @sagerain level if slow down.

Tripaloski_69 says:

I feel like I can do the handstand but I'm just scared to fall on the other side.

Panuwat _Swng says:

This video is so useful

Ahmet E. ÇELIK says:

Straight to the point, no bullshit, great advice. Can this video get any better?

Veer Vlog says:

This is my first comment ever but this guy explained everything with soo much ease and clarity. Commendable man. Great work💪🏻

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