5 Home Exercises to Get Perfect Bruce Lee Six-Pack Abs

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Everybody knows the legendary dragon, Bruce Lee. Apart from his proficiency in martial arts, his incredible physique was one of the staples of Lee’s success as an actor and fighter. And his rock-hard abs are perhaps the most prominent feature of his ripped body. But what did he do to achieve this result and is everyone capable of doing that?

In fact, Bruce Lee trained extremely hard and led an almost ascetic lifestyle full of sacrifice. He used just five simple exercises. His main secret was the number of reps he did. The count went to hundreds and sometimes even thousands. Are you up for the challenge?

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-Bruce Lee used just five simple exercises. His main secret was the number of reps he did. It takes a LOT of stamina and strength, not to mention the dedication he put into making his body perfect.
-Lie down on your back and put your hands behind your head. With your legs bent at the knee, plant your feet firmly on the floor. Then raise your upper body, trying to reach your knees with your chest, and after that, slowly return to the initial position. For Bruce Lee’s variation of sit ups, you’ll need either a sit up bench or an abdominal fitness board.
-Lie on the floor with your arms along your body. If you use a flat bench, lie on it and secure yourself by holding the edges of the bench with your hands. Now, as the name of the exercise suggests, raise your straight legs up until your feet are pointing at the ceiling. Hold the top position for a second or two and lower your legs back down.
-You’ll need a light weighted bar or just a long stick for this exercise. Take the bar and put it across your shoulders behind your neck. Grip either end of the bar firmly with your hands and lean your upper body forward. Ideally, you should stand at a 90-degree angle. Now twist your upper body to the right, reaching the left end of the bar to your right foot.
-Advanced Bruce Lee’s version of this exercise looks like this: hang on a chin-up bar, straining your arms to hold you still. Bend your knees and use your lower abs to pull them to your chest, or at least as high as you can.
-Grab a dumbbell in either hand and stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Hold your arms slightly tense, hanging at your hips. Bend your upper body to the right until you feel some tension in your side. Hold this position for a second or two and go back up. Then repeat the motion to the left.
-Lee’s main focus was on the number of repetitions for each exercise. He did 4 sets of 50 reps, totaling 200 reps for a single exercise and a full thousand for the five of them. The key to well-developed abs is not to overwork them but to let them grow naturally. Finally, end every abdominal workout with a set of static muscle contractions.

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