50 Best Bodyweight Exercises (All Muscles Hit, Perform Anywhere!)

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50 Best Bodyweight Exercises (All Muscles Hit, Perform Anywhere!)

No gym? Need some exercise ideas for a home workout? Try out our 50 favorite bodyweight exercises, ones which we’ve performed indoors, outdoors, in the backyard, in parking lots, on semi trucks…ok, you get the picture. You can perform them anywhere!

And the best part? They work everything from chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs, calves and hell, probably some muscles you didn’t even know existed.

So if you’ve got a busy lifestyle or simply don’t have enough time to get into the gym and workout, try out some of these exercises. There’s no excuse!

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Buff Dudes Workouts says:

Hey everyone! Been wanting to put together a compilation video from our "bodyweight series" for a while now and finally got the chance. Hope you enjoy, these are some of our favorite exercises you can perform anywhere. The last one is a particular favorite. 😉 STAY BUFF. -Hudson

pegasus riders says:

Great work dude
Just 4 mins and 50 excercise.Really saved my time

Cyanoxic Rose says:

This is awesome! I love how you got to the point and demonstrated all the exercises. Thank you!!!!!!

Crusader King says:

2020 quarantine got me needing this

Bflo23 says:

Do I need a semi-truck to do reverse/front lunges?

ShadowRipper 25 says:

Need this now !!

La Reserva Especial says:

Anyone write all these down? 🤣

Marina Merli says:

Not for everyone but nice!

Bart says:

Awesome workouts and sceneries ! What did you guys did in Poland ? 😀

kaviPingoo bijou says:

Great workout.
Who needs a gym. Only WiFi and you guys and I'm all set.

Christina Reynolds says:

Wall slides look easy but they're pretty hard. Great for your posture

clintostwald says:

1:06 Those are Sprawls tho, right?

JW says:

1:00 pretty sure thats a dog pee spot in the grass lol

Kristyn Bell says:

🔥Great video! You all just made my day!!!! ❤️💪

tomalba7 says:

I watch a lot of videos and I will tell you this. One thing I like about this video is you cut straight to it the title is exactly what you put out not a bunch of bullchit talking. My only complaint is this probably actually too many exercises lol. I wish you could narrow it down to a top 10 so I know exactly what I've got to do when I start working out instead of picking… like in other words put together a full body plan maybe even 10 is too many I don't know. I mean I'm sure I could figure it out but I'm lazy LOL

Sebastian P says:

Too buff, too true, awesome vid and thanks dudes

Alan Danso says:

Great vid! Track ID anyone?

Bonsoir le nihilisme says:

Great Vid guys. All the muscle groups are sollicitated .Very inspiring with all the variations. Thanks for taking the time to make things awesome.

Professor X says:

Why there is a table underwatee

GOLDEN K9 says:

Hey Buff Dudes I always get a bit nautious when I'm working out. Any experiencie with that or a fellow buff dude? It's demotivating and it's hard to focus as wel.

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