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Building a perfect chest at home IS possible. And if you’re looking for the most challenging home chest workout, you’ve come to the right place. This is a 6-minute killer chest workout that will help you get the ripped and muscular chest you’ve always wanted. This workout is designed to be done in your home with just a couple of dumbbells, and no bench is required!

Your Chest is one of the most important muscle groups in your body for a great, well-built physique. If you want to look good and feel strong, it’s absolutely necessary to grow your pecs. And what better way to build a great chest than with this perfect home workout?

This workout will provide you 8 dumbbell chest exercises to perform for :35 seconds each. We’ll go through the first round together. For maximal results, repeat this follow along workout 2-3 times! You’ll be amazed at how much of a chest pump these simple exercises can stimulate, and it’s all done from the comfort of your own home!

Exercise #1: The 3 Second Negative Push-Up (35sec): With the Negative Push-Up, begin in a traditional Push-Up stance and lower your body towards the ground for a total of a 3 second count. Increasing the negative portion of this exercise will help to increase the micro-muscle tears in the Pecs.

Exercise #2: Chest Flys (35sec): Lying on the ground begin with dumbbells above you and horizontally abduct your arms while bringing your elbows towards the ground. Focus on keeping control of the weight and avoid slamming your elbows on the floor at the bottom of the rep. From here, horizontally adduct your arms and contract the chest as you bring the dumbbells back together.

Exercise #3: Close-Grip Dumbbell Floor Press (35sec): Begin this movement with a neutral grip (palms facing together) and bring the weight down to your torso with a controlled tempo. From the bottom of the ROM press the weight back up and contract your pecs.

Exercise #4: Dumbbell Push-Ups (35sec): Begin with your dumbbells shoulder width-apart on the ground. If you don’t have Hex Dumbbells as I have here, perform the movement without the dumbbells. Lower your body towards the ground and get a full stretch of the pecs. Press your body back up and again keep your focus on flexing your pecs while pushing your bodyweight back up.

Exercise #5: Body Walkout to Push-Up (35sec): From a standing position walk your body out with your arms to the traditional push-up stance. Once in the push-up position, perform a full push-up and then walk your body back to your feet with your hands to complete a full repetition.

Exercise #6: Plyo Push-Ups (35sec): From a kneeling push-up position, lower your body towards the ground and explosively perform a push-up to attempt to get your hands to leave the ground. If you’re unable to get your hands off the ground focus on performing the push-up as explosively as you possibly can.

Exercise #7: Dumbbell Floor Press (35sec): With a traditional bench press position on the floor, bring the weight down towards your chest with a controlled tempo and avoid slamming your elbows on the floor at the bottom of the rep. Then press the weight back up by connecting the dumbbells together at the top of the range of motion to shorten the pecs.

Exercise #8: Dumbbell Flys (35sec): Again we’ll be performing the dumbbell flys to complete this workout. Push to complete this last 35 second set and prepare to have your pecs demolished after this set.

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BarbarianBody says:

Try my 28 day Dumbbell Beast Program free for 7 days: https://bit.ly/30offfc

Afnan says:

Are chest exercises for women effective?

Jose Sarmiento says:

How much rest between rounds?

Antonio Reynoso says:

The best of YouTube so far! Thanks

Fluks Workouts says:

Great Workout Champ!
Huge like for this one!

Andrew Ferdian says:

Thanx for sharing this!!

Chris Scott says:

Friggin deadly man !

Joshua Sanchez says:

Beginner 1-2 sets
Intermediate 3-4 sets
Advanced 5 sets

3 Sec. Negative Push Ups 10 to 12 reps
DB Chest Flys 10 reps
Close Grip Floor Press 15 reps
DB Push Ups 15 to 20 reps
Body Walkout to Push Ups 5 to 8 reps
Pylometric Push Ups 20 reps
DB Floor Press 15 reps
DB Half Chest Flys 10 reps

Frost says:

Thank god you made this bro. I needed a new chest routine at home. Today is chest day for me so I will definitely do 3 rounds of this today with a combination of 25s/20 dumbbells.

iDeviceGaming says:

Brother how to get Arnold chest?

Edo _INK90 says:

Chest is on fire with this 🔥🔥🔥

Karim says:

Most motivating and no fail results, thank you

Idiboy123 says:

Exactly what I was looking for thanks a lot bro🔥

Davey Mcc says:

Why are you always yelling?

iDev says:

Thanks brother 👍👊👊💪

Rafael Madrigal says:

Great workout! but I always feel that the videos need a beep, or signal or something to tell when to stop and start preparing for the next exercise. I do these workouts going along with the video playing, and given how short the transition between the exercises is, I often miss it.

David Perez says:

Yo wow.. thank you so much..NYC one

Nowhere Man says:

You must be telepathic because this is literally what I needed today. 👍🏼

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