6 SHOULDER BUILDERS AT HOME (resistance band training) | Fouad Abiad

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With all thats going on and people not able to make it to the gym I thought I would throw in my thoughts on training shoulders! Heres 6 Shoulder Builders you can do at home using resistance bands only!

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Fouad Abiad says:

To find my supplement line and the products I use before and during training go to http://www.hosstile.com
Thanks for watching and lets hear some ideas you'd like to see moving forward!

Mike Siler1 says:

Be care with those face pulls. Bands can snap. Don't want to lose and eye.

The Scottish English Teacher says:

Just quality. I highly recommend watching this guy a lot more than I would that James Grage. His videos are over 20 minutes long sometimes talking absolute nnsense and not showing very much of how to do an exercise, so frustrating to watch. He gets in position and then turns to the camer to notify you of how to stand, look, or wank properly before resuming and just before he starts, he does it all over again and then after a few times doing this, he actually does the exercise for about 2 reps before panning to him talking bollocks again. I'm a user of resistance bands and lets get this right, they CANNOT replace free weights and gym training but they are god for moments like this or simply taking them on holiday or something but they cannot fully replace workouts in the gym. James bases his channel around that but I can tell you h doesn't get to where he's got using ONLY bands. But anyway, thank you Fouad for this, it is ACTUALLY helpful and I recommend everyone to use this channel and not Grage's

mario caines says:


Nicolai Remmer says:

Would u recommend buying the whole set of bands (red, Black, purple, green)? Or is green 44-55 kg unnecessary? The green might be good for squats and deadlifts? Or is it to stiff working with?

gordon mculloch says:

Excellent. Thanks 👍

Jansen Gough says:

Much appreciated

BeingMrBrown says:

Respect for this bro!! 🙌🏾

lovish gupta says:

Best content I recommend everyone to watch his resistance band workout videos

Gabriel Greghi says:

Great workout man! Please keep posting resistance band training! Many thanks!

Johnathan Acosta says:

Another awesome workout! My shoulders were blasted after I was done. Thank you for your knowledge and tips. Made a huge difference. I really appreciate it.

Ty Eames says:

Sorry but jeff cavalier 1 commandment says though shall not internally rotate your shoulder.

Yiannakis John says:

Thanks Fouad for the videos, its very much appreciated. all the content is beneficial, short and to the point no BS

Daniel Grund says:

Super thanks, goooddd mannnn the kings👍💪💪💪

GetAGrip Jayhoo says:

did you just farted at 6 min

Arvine Camping Corp. says:

Great workout bro.. Gonna try this right after

Gilmourized says:

Absolutely the best band session on YouTube! +++

Bill Mchugh says:

Appreciate these bands videos with my gym shut down 👍

chris concha says:

Thanks for your help with at home bands workouts

Westt Coast says:

But will these bands make you as big as him?

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