6 simple ways to lose a little weight

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CEC Ventures TV says:

10 Tipid Tips para hindi tayo tumaba ng husto 💪💪😎😎❌🏋️‍♀️❌🏋️‍♀️


Yuris Muñoz says:

Hi there..

I want to make you participate in an experience I had with a very short and very effective homemade diet that helped me regain my initial weight 🙂 and has to maintain my figure… I recommend this course is very simple and effective when it comes to losing weight … without leaving home …

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pin-leafy says:

I know, weight loss is very hard. Once I cried because of my weight, but one day I lost 3kg out of nowhere for no reason. Idk. Probably because I ran around a lot for 2 days. Just try, I guess.

pin-leafy says:

Losing weight can be hard and can make you feel terrible if it doesn’t work as fast as you like. So you are left with the question of whether or not to stick with this plan until it stops working, or start adding more calories. If your body does not have the processes and genes that are supposed to determine the amount of food that is absorbed by your stomach, then you will not lose weight.

This happens a lot with people who are trying to lose weight. Instead of hoping that diet and exercise will work, many people will start adding weight to their bodies out of desperation. But the weight gain will cause stress, and many more stressors will come along later on to cause weight gain, and that is just the beginning.

Another concern is that many young children are genetically susceptible to severe health problems such as chronic diabetes and heart disease. Genes tell us what to eat, how to exercise, and what foods to avoid. If these genes are harmful in the short term, when someone is still growing up, then they will continue to harm them for the rest of their lives. Yet studies of people raised under different diets show that this genetic damage is relatively minor.

Therefore, eating less will not help you lose weight in the long run. There are people that will tell you to eat way less or even throw up your food after eating anything. Please don’t. I myself have never seen these types before, but they do exist for sure. Be careful who you listen to.

when you start using calories—

You should not eat less than what you need to sustain your body.

(I know, weight loss is very hard. Once I cried because of my weight, but one day I dropped 3kg out of nowhere for no reason. Idk. Probably because I ran around a lot for 2 days. Just try, I guess.

How To Lose Weight says:

True, the activities you mentioned are important. However, there are many more factors that help you lose weight. You could write dozens of books about losing weight. The more you know, the less you know.

Jocelynn Hampton says:

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Health Tips And News says:

https://pastelink.net/1gd3m I've tried many different ways to get slim, By Doing different Things I Followed This Methods To Loss Weight Here's a link that gives some great weight loss tips.

Amazon YouTube says:

The Perfect Keto Cookbook – $37,00

Saraswati Computer says:

sleeping work cuz u sleep more and not awake eating

e m m a says:

only thing stopping me is the soda ahhh but ahah i eat extremely slowly and get full so quickly

Joy Fitness World says:


D J says:

This is all messed up. LOL salads also have calories (especially carb) fruits also has a lot of sugar. If you eat too much fruit, the insulin will store fat in your body.
It's better to eat meat which has a lot of protein and reduce suger and carb that affect insulin.
Westerners honestly need to learn biology first before they go on so-called vegan diet lol Just because you reduce fat diet that doesn't mean your fat decreases. Cows are vegetarians but they are fat. South Koreans are honestly better educated than Indians and Westerners (lol)

Cinderella Power Fit says:

Wow what a wonderful content, congratulations

Erin Olivia says:

Hey, you! What are you doing here? You don't need to lose any weight, you are beautiful the way you are! Please try and love yourself no matter what insecurities you may have. I support you! 🙂 xx

Lucill Solomons says:

Dont have time to eat write or take note of eating do you want to eat fastfood but still loose wight this the link for you

Grlpowaaah • 86 years ago • says:

Me watching while eating chips and candy*

Jin says:

Whatever I do, I'm still chubby. I think I'm born chubby but it's okay 🙁

Sabo Unknown says:

I d k what to say

ネプチューンneptune says:

Am i the only one who is 80lbs (36 pounds)

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