63 Resistance Band Exercises: How To Choose Resistance Band Guide

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Our intention in creating this video is to show you how little equipment you require to train your whole body. We haven’t invented anything new. We have simply taken existing exercises and put resistance bands in place of the standard resistance system (cables, dumbbells and barbells).

The best way to use this video is to look at the exercise that is being done and then look at the band that is being used. This may give you an indication of which band may be appropriate for which exercises – given your particular starting point.

The width of the resistance band indicates the amount of resistance that particular band can provide – the wider the band, the more resistance. A more noticeable indicator of resistance I the color of the bands; however, colors are not uniform among manufactures while band widths seem to be somewhat consistent.

When beginning a band – loaded exercise, it is important to remember that the resistance provided by the band can also cause injury. Injury is most probable at the beginning of the exercise if the muscle you are training is fully stretched and you are attempting to create a contraction from this starting point.

Choosing the appropriate band for the exercise is essential and it is always better to select a band of lighter resistance in the case where the band will be used to act as the soul source of resistance or increase existing resistance levels (deadlift for example).

The exercises presented here are only the tip of the iceberg. Keep an eye out for more videos that will explore these exercises in depth.
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That’s what these videos are for.

We know that there are countless videos online. What Stuart and I are doing is offering our take on how to best use our equipment. If you have your own ideas on how to use our equipment, please contact us – or better yet, send us a video that we’ll be happily post!

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Mystery47 says:

Wow, some absolutely GREAT ideas to use bands and incorporate them into weight-training. Thanks.

Kevin Burtnick says:

Can anyone please tell me where I can buy in bulk?

Wataboutya says:

I’m just getting into resistance bands after lifting free weights for about fifty years. You display some good movements here that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Thanks for posting!

Oren Armstrong says:

You were hoping from exercise to exercise to fast. Please slow down so as we can take on what you are demonstrating. Thanks.

Sam O says:

Please, where is the website with the exert

Mohammed Aman says:

Finally got to see a proper demonstration of bands…thank you,

Grzegorz Skwara says:

good job, greetings from Poland

BTN LED says:

Nice vid but it would have been good if u could have done a set of say…5 reps for each exercise

John Parkhurst says:

Great video! Do you sell bands?

Simon Headington says:

Great video 👍 some great exercises shown, I like to use some of the excerise shown with fat grips to use as handle's. Thanks again.

A Magnificent Cunt says:

Shea Whigham twin brother

Christian Joseph says:

Between two ferns

jen tape says:

I love your tutorial it makes me inspire to push more to workout. thank you for sharing

Joe Root says:

Ok I have not even watched your video yet but just can"t leave you hanging there at 999 subscribers. There's your 1000!

seeker jay says:

since using band ive lost total interest in free weight..i aint going for mr Olympia anyways

Somedude626 says:

Good ideas thanks

Bendangsenla Jamir says:

Red is the best

Anjan Dutta says:

Nicely done. Very useful info. Thanks for sharing!

Keen observer says:

this is the most comprehensive video regarding the resistance bands. thanks,

Vytautas Kuklys says:

Going beyond 90 degrees angle while doing lateral raises is pretty pointless, many would suggest

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