7 Best Knee Strengthening Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

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These knee strengthening exercises don’t require using a lot of weights. If you have knee pain, consider using knee compression sleeves to help increase circulation and reduce swelling & pain. Purchase the Titan Compression knee sleeves here: http://amzn.to/2pojTED (affiliate link)

Knee compression sleeves will also give the knees some compression during the exercises to help the healing process.

The first exercise to help strengthen the knee is a short arc quad (SAQ), this is a great way to get started without doing to much to the knee. It helps strengthen the quad muscles with extend or straighten the knee.

The next knee strengthening exercises are a bridging series including a regular bridge, bridging with a band, and bridging squeezing into a ball. These all are great for the hamstrings, glutes, and surrounding muscles of the knee and hips.

Then you will do a long arc quad (LAQ), this is like the SAQ, but it is a longer arch with works the quad muscles in a bigger range of motion.

The final two exercises for the knee are a squat and a squat with a band. Squats do a great job of strengthen all of the lower leg muscles including hamstrings, quads, glutes, hip flexors, and others.

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7 Best Knee Strengthening Exercises:

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AskDoctorJo says:

Purchase a printable worksheet with the Knee Strengthening Exercises in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/buy-knee-strengthening-worksheet
Purchase the knee sleeves featured in this video here: http://amzn.to/2pojTED (affiliate link)
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Unknown Technics says:

Can we do both the knees at the same time in the first exercise?

Brinda Avadani says:

Thank you Dr. Jo. I was wondering, the knee compression sleeve you linked to is not available currently. Do you have another product you recommend for a knee compression sleeve? Also, which band you recommend using for the exercises? (if you have any particular). Thank you!

Vivi Underhay says:

Are these good for Osgood shlatters?

Liam Stevens says:

My right knee clicks on the first several leg extensions, then after one big click it stops?? I had IT band troubles and right knee pain last year which hindered my cycling. I'm trying to look after my knee so it does not return.

Tatiana Starodubtseva says:

Hi, Dr. Joe! What are best exercises for a weakened cartilage?

Jb 55555 says:

How often should these be done?

Julie Zinzen says:

hey! so i have a question, for everyone here. is it possible to have arthritis at 20 years old? i've had an injury two years ago, and several surgeries to fix it. i've done a lot of physical therapy, and everything seems fine, yet i often get very bad pain, swelling, and a weird cracking noise. (for the record i've had an ACL ligamentoplasty, kneecap stabilization, Lemaire plasty, meniscus suture, meniscectomy bc the suture broke, and fractured cartilage. and my kneecaps are flat)

Ahmed Samir says:

You'r good

Aylin Kara says:

Thank you so much for sharing these excersices. Very helpful and easy to do.

Heidi says:

Hey Dr. Jo.. I love this video! I fell on my left knee a few years ago at work. It was a really bad fall but there was no fracture or torn ligaments. I'm 37 and in good health but my knee was never the same. I have no pain but I feel as if it's considerably weaker than the right. I'm not able to do squats because I hear "rice krispies" when I bend my knees even when I sit in a chair. I don't have arthritis or anything so not sure what it is. Do you think doing squats would build the strength and can I still do them even though I hear popping in my knees? From the MRI they said it was just a really bad bone bruise but I also pulled my hamstring after the fall so I think my leg just had residual weakness. When the fall happened I had tremendous pain on the lateral side of my knee. I don't know what exercises you would do to strengthen that part. Thank you so much for your expertise!

i- um says:

do you think this will help me with my back knee (genu recurvatum) my knees aren’t like straight they kind of hyperextend and bend backwards so i want to know if this will somewhat fix that

Devsiri Peiris says:

Thank you Dr. Jo. I tired these exercises and within a few days I was relieved of my knee pain. It was easy to do and so effectively. Now I can continue my usual work outs. Thank you

Daniel Rudy says:

Do these exercises help to kind of isolate the muscles and ligaments directly around the knee? Closest to the knee? Do they strengthen those?

Sheila Smith says:

I had knee surgery about 7 months ago for Pigmented Villanodular synovitis. My knee last week popped and now it hurts and is swollen again. Will these exercises help? It was fine until my knee popped.

Rupert3225 says:

How many days a week should I do these exercises

Cjnaila Ayub says:

Doc I HV pain due to slip disc at lumber region…plz suggest an exercise to cope with this condition

jeon Khargosh says:

I don't feel pain in my knee normally… But there is a tik tik sound in my left knee and i can't squat down😢😢…
Wat do i do😭

MtHigh420 MtHigh420 says:


scott bucelli says:

Very helpful, thank you!!!

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