7 Minute Ab Workout (6 PACK GUARANTEED!)

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7 minute ab workout for guaranteed* 6 pack abs fast. Eat right, drink right, and you will see results quickly!
*guaranteed assuming you eat properly 🙂

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Ryan Trahan says:

Could you finish the entire workout? Reply below!
Follow me on IG: @trahan
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Rey says:

My legs are not steady like you do in russian twists.Should i do some leg workouts? Thanks

roxana morales says:

It is quarantine my dudez. I'll record my progress everyday to see what happens. 🙂

DAY 1: HOLY CRAP! I used to do some stuff like crunches and russian twists but i never did these for for than 30 seconds! I don't have the strongest core, so i struggled a bit to do this . 😐 positive vibes tho!✨💪🏻😎 (thIs wAs sO hArD)

Carl Wheezer says:


kaleb l says:


Anonymous Bulldog says:

You're doing the star crunches wrong. You have your arms and legs all spread out. Then, your right hand touches your left foot, go down and extend your arms and legs then your left hand touches your right foot

Akash Kumar says:

April 02, 2020 i started this workout with some expectations every Monday will be a break day
Day 1 started
Day 2 pain in abs
Day 3 more pain(was unable to do last one properly)

himanshujoshi1100 says:

Can you explain what are u doing and why are u doing these ex in this sequence…

Karolis Karolis says:

How much time does it take to clearly see abs?

denki kaminari says:

Im doing it again!, i will keep going until i cant, i have so much energy,

1like= 1 more time

Omkar Shinde says:

This is really hard, and that's why this Will work.

Whaddaido says:

Did this once already see a difference visibly

Kituaki Libra says:

Ima Try This For 30 Days, I'll keep update everyday wish me luck.

Jakob Tyrrell says:

The last 40 seconds😵😵

Carter Felix says:

Bro he already has abs

Ethan Cau says:

just wondering to everyone who did this workout, did it really work?

Mistirobin says:

Thank you sir !!

ekaal shekaal says:

i did complete the workout

Noorani bohn says:


Noorani bohn says:

1:46 boi

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