7 Must Have Essentials For Your Home or Garage Gym!

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Matt Daciw here from Blue Star Nutraceuticals and today I’m gonna take you over to our Garage Gym setup and walk you through the 7 essential pieces of equipment you need for your home or garage gym.

These 7 simple pieces will give you everything you need for a complete fat burning, muscle building body transformation.

So, if you’re tired of the over-crowded gym scene, or simply want the freedom and flexibility of training in the comfort of your own home, follow along and find out exactly what you need to transform your physique at home!

This is the 7 Must Have Essentials For Your Home or Garage Gym!

Let’s get to it!

#1: Squat Rack With a Pull Up Bar
First up, you need a squat rack in your home gym with a pull up bar. This way you can perform the big compound movements like squats, rack pulls, and bench presses safely and get the multi-purpose benefit without needing a separate setup for pull ups and chin ups.

Make sure you invest in a strong, quality-built rack for this piece, like ours here from Rogue.

When you’re loading up hundreds of pounds on a bar and relying on J clips or safety arms to save your neck in a heavy lift – literally – it’s not something you want to cheap out on.

The internet is already full of fitness fail videos with J clips snapping, and equipment breaking, don’t be the face of one!

Spend a bit of money and invest in quality. It will last far better and you’ll thank yourself for it in the long run.

#2: Adjustable Bench
The next thing you’ll want to go along with your squat rack is a quality adjustable bench that can be set at least from flat up to 45 degrees incline.

#3 Barbell & Bumper Plates
The next thing you’ll need to invest in is a quality power bar and some bumper plates.

Again, you should be sure to spend your money on a good bar here. You’re going to be loading hundreds of pounds on this thing and putting it through quite a beating over the years to come.

You don’t have to break the bank, but you do need to think about your safety and longevity and make a smart decision. If you’re deadlifting 500lbs for reps, don’t get a bar that’s only rated for 450lbs.

Step it up and get a real bar that isn’t going to come anywhere close to bending or cracking. Rogue and Eleiko are highly reputable brands that have some great, affordable bars, that will hold up and last for years of use.

As for the plates, you don’t need anything fancy, the only thing you need to worry about is the weight. So as long as the plates aren’t missing chunks out of them, they should do the trick.

#4 Dumbbells
Dumbbells are one of the most versatile pieces of training equipment you can have as they allow you to perform both unilateral and bilateral movements and offer the greatest range of motion and versatility.

Most guys will do great with a set of dumbbells from 10-90lbs or so and can upgrade once your strength improves beyond that.

The key is to make sure you have enough variety in weights to perform all types of isolation and compound exercises.

#5 Kettlebells
The unique design of the kettlebell with a thicker handle and off-centered weight distribution can provide some unique benefits in strength training, posterior chain development, grip strength, and coordination.

Start with what you need for now and like everything else, expand as necessary while you progress with your training.

#6 Medicine Balls
You can get away without these guys if you’re trying to be as budget conscious as possible, but these can be especially great for ab workouts and metabolic conditioning training.

There’s no other exercise quite like the med ball slam for head to toe power, explosive core strength development and torching excess body fat.

#7 Skipping Rope / High Intensity Cardio Piece
Finally we have our cardio equipment for last. The key with this is to forget about the old treadmill and elliptical, and instead opt for a high intensity cardio piece so you can get in quick, ultra-effective sessions in, not waste time watching the Home channel as you walk on a hamster wheel.

A good ol fashioned skipping rope is the best place to start – if it’s good enough for pro boxers, it’s good enough for us!

If you want to get a little fancier and step up the cardio game a little more, a ski erg or air assault bike are our two top choices.

All-in, with the high quality rack, barbell, plates, free weights and cardio piece you could ring in your brand new gym to last you the next decade or two for as little as $2000-$3000 or take it far beyond, depending on how far you want to expand.

Either way, it will be a worthwhile investment as long as you choose to use it!

And that’s the 7 Must Have Essentials For Your Home or Garage Gym!


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Blue Star Nutraceuticals says:

BLADE™ and 2 FREE BONUSES ➞ http://bit.ly/2KI73ML

G M says:

The most important thing you must have….


rpsimons58 says:

Because of the high demand for adjustable dumbbells now, a $200.00 dollar set can now cost over $1000,00.

Lexcalibur says:

Just spent thousands of dollars on a home gym then seconds later found this clip, happy to say I bought exactly what is suggested here but still wish I found this earlier.

wajahat hashmi says:

Thank you for guidance🤝

TK Fitness says:

I love having my own garage gym

Louis Maldonado says:

This video pretty much says you should just go to the gym.

Cire XVIII says:

The most essential things to have is a power rack with a pull up bar, barbell, plates, and a bench.

Hank Vinson says:

Big money, dream gym. Good luck finding that high dollar equipment anytime soon. I had to go to a scrap yard and luckily found enough rusty plates, a bar and a couple dumbbells to try to stay in shape during lockdown.

billthestinker says:

Excellent video, one ☝️ must also have a Toilet 🚽 in the gym for the essential BM’s that massive bodies produce💪🏿


No gymnastic rings???

bird time says:

Most good quality racks are 500$ or more but my home gym buget is 500$ so can anyone please list a good quality rack for under 200$

Samantha E says:

I have a home gym and this video is so true. I wish I had known this when I first started, but I learned along the way and have a killer set up based on these essentials.

At1an says:

I need a higher ceiling in my home gym.

Joe Sermeno says:

Squats, weighed dips, weighed pull-ups, deadlifts. Power rack with pull-up and dip attachments, quality power barbell, quality plates, dip/pull-up belt, 3/4" horse still mats, cardio machine of some type.

Alex Mora says:

I would change the Kettle bells for a heavy truck tire, If you have dumbells, you don't need Kettle bells.

Brian Avery says:

Wow, you guys' gym is insane!!! I furnished a home gym last year as my present to myself for finishing grad school. I went with a Sorinex Base Camp rack with an Elite FTS high/low cable set-up. Best decision ever!!!

Bryson Weatherford says:

what routine should i use for my home gym? i can’t do my same routine i do at the gym and i wanna make as much gains as possible. i have a squat rack, bench, and dumbbells.

David Caballero says:

Man this guy trying to sell everything must be making a good commission

James Schoaf says:

2-3k for all that? where? links please!

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