8 Exercises for Incredible Strength! (NO EXTRA TIME)

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If you want to build incredible strength you better stop overlooking the smaller but no less important muscles in your workouts. In this video, I show you how not paying attention to the strength in your wrists, hands and forearms could be preventing you from making the gains you are seeking in the gym.

I show you ways to incorporate extra work for these weak areas into muscle groups and exercises that you are already performing. If you had to spend hours extra in the gym each week to try and fix these, you likely never would. As a result, you would never be as strong as you should be.

That said, if you are training your chest you likely are doing pushups at some point. Whether you are doing them as a finishing exercise or one of the main exercises in your chest workout there is a way to change them to make them more effective for your weak wrists or hands. Simply perform them as finger tip pushups if you need to increase your hand strength or as knuckle pushups if you want to increase the strength of your wrists.

Likewise on back training day you can extend a regular pullup beyond failure to get more work for your wrists and forearms. Simply hang from the bar on your very last rep for as long as you can. You will feel the burn travel through your hands and forearms as you work to increase your muscular endurance and improve your grip for the bigger exercises.

All of these benefits apply to other muscle groups as well. We cover the extended wrist position during dumbbell laterals and the tweak that you can make to deadlifts (not using straps) that will all help to increase your hand and grip strength without compromising the amount of time that you have to spend training each week.

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flora I says:

I wouldn’t want to get into a fight with this man

asim mondal says:

Pls talk less it's boring for your long talk

Harpreet sandhu says:

I can't lift lift heavy weight when I do bench press…is it helpful for me?

vishnumurthy dadi says:

We can do this at afternoon

Maria Pavlovic says:

Big boi things 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Mushroom Mark says:

I may be late but sorry Jeff get back down you didn't do one full pushup, if my PT doesn't let me get away with it I'm definitely not letting you off lightly

Oooh Aaah says:

Why is it that everybody says that training makes your veins pop? I can do 30 reps pull-up in One set hundreds of push-ups, curls, triceps push down But no veins in my arms??….
But my dick that I don't train at all has as many veins as Jeff….. Why???

XTesT15X says:

@8:17 a lot of gym goers just left the video.

Isaac Taylor says:

What about power cleans

Nobd Kcah says:

Fuck my life I only was able to do the fist push ups for like 1 rep and now I am typing with my nose

Unknown Person says:

You over exercise

Suresh Binwal says:

Wah mere bete, tumne kamal kar diya

Best Gamer says:


vaskopz says:

Nuckle pushups are done on the nuckles of index and middle finger as they are bigger and stronger.

Dukeoflemonade says:

Is there a way to increase strength in my wrist which doesn't have a pisiform bone? I had a tumour and had to have it removed and since then I couldn't put much weight on it when it's Palm down.

Umar Hayat says:

Excellent, Sir

Nick Rowe says:

I love this!!

Peter Haddad says:

Ur the master

Kinley x BTS says:

him:ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ


_-Sir-_ _-PlaysAlot-_ says:

Pushups does me no good I just lifted a box and it was heavy enough to know that I don't do exercise

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