8 Min Abs Workout how to have six pack

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8 Min Abs Workout how to have six pack has been designed to specifically work on the abdominal muscles and have perfect 6 packs.
It can be done by anyone who exercises regularly, both men and women. There are no particular requirements for this abs workout; you just need to know how to properly perform the ab exercises involved and you will ready for get perfect six pack!

Perform Abs workout every second day (e.g. Mon-Wed-Fri) for at least two weeks. Then you’ll be ready to perform the next level of this ab workout.
Good Luck to get six pack!

1. Working aerobically on your abdominal muscles for over 7 minutes stimulates the capillaries in this area. These in turn increase the blood flow.
2. A greater blood flow means a greater flow of oxygen – and fat only burns in the presence of oxygen.
3. Toned ab muscles need more calories (kcal) to stay active. Our organism tends to release these calories from the area near the active muscles. So it burns fat in that area.

1. This abs routine is designed to work the abdominal area ‘aerobically’. Performing it straight after an aerobic workout (e.g.: running, spinning, swimming or other aerobic activities) will improve the positive effect.
2. Learn the instructions for each ab exercise of this abs workout. Ensure you perform exercises properly to get perfect six pack.
3. Pay attention on the correct breathing while performing the abs exercises. It is very important and will help you achieve the best results possible.

See our Abs Workout Level 2 (advanced) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44mgUselcDU
and Level 3 (even more advanced) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrsQH3IPNnQ


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Passion4Profession says:

Have a look to our Top 10 videos Playlist !

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DjuraBre says:

For anybody who is having issues like back pain while doing theese exercises- you probably have apt! You check it with sticking your hand under your lower back if it's very easy and your arched than you have apt…

Mayank Mishra says:

Who is doing in lockdown 2020

ishan bc says:

Everyone gangst until double crunches…

Octavio Silva says:

Who else is trying to get some summer body

Jo V says:

During breaks do push ups until clock runs out Killa ab workout

sheriff crandy says:

5:14 Dude this is the hardest part lol who else thinks so?

Siloe Kumbu says:

Do you do this everyday ?? And how many sets am I supposed to do???

Guda Groda says:

one time a day let's go

Muhamad fikri says:

Yeahh !!! I hv been searching this video for years after it lost from my playlist.

Player [209] says:

0:08 hurts my body a lot….

CLB says:

Just did this for the first time. Had to take a couple of pauses during some of the workouts. I can’t tell if my stomach feels stronger, just hurts, or maybe both lol.

Bennett says:

This humbled me

mrs majmune says:

Wasnt this in ogy and the cockroaches

Millie Brown says:

1 dzien- zrobiony
2 dzień-zrobiony

Mário Areias says:

Am I the only one who can't do the last exercise properly?

Marco Bottone says:

Perfect 8 min abs workout

The Streets says:

Never thought I'd be so grateful for the existence of the number 30

Yi'en Liu says:

For people who are just getting into fitness, you can’t get abs from doing ab workouts. Ab workouts are only to strengthen your abs, you get visible abs by burning fat. To burn fat you either do a shit ton of cardio and eat healthy to lean down or you diet super hard while working out regularly. In my opinion, cardio is the better option but whatever you prefer. Once you get to a low enough body fat percentage, you’ll have visible abs. Doing core workouts will make your abs more noticeable if you have a low enough body fat percentage to see your abs already but if your body fat percentage is too high, you’ll never be able to see your abs no matter how much core work you do.

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